30 June 2015

The Gourmet Studio by Delhi Gourmet Club and Groupon: Every Foodie's Delight!

The Gourmet Studio is an initiative taken by Delhi Gourmet Club with Groupon, and with this they have really given a new meaning to deals associated with dining out.

The Delhi Gourmet Club, led by Sourish Bhattacharya, Atul Sikand and Rocky Mohan, is a class apart in itself when we talk about the food circuit in Delhi. Groupon, as well all know, is the sole place we all now rely now for getting deals at steal prices. When these two forces unite, you’re only bound to be in for a real treat.

The concept of The Gourmet Studio is to reward and showcase the skills of one chef at a time, and to put forth this, the chef prepares a fixed course mean wherein he demonstrates his skills being at their best. This kickstarted with Pan Asian at Sheraton New Delhi with their executive sous chef, Chef Vaibhav Bhargava, dishing out a delicious six-course menu. 

The meal started with a soup (you have a choice of three here) and I went with the Hot And Sour Non Vegetarian Soup. The soup was served at a beautiful temperature, not too sour or salty but just right, and tasted yummy.

The next course was Salad (choice of three). I went with the Thai Style Som Tam Salad, which essentially is the Raw Papaya Salad. The salad was really fresh and chilled, the acidic and sweet components were bang on, but it was just a little too spicy for me. People who ordered the Warm Mushroom Salad couldn’t stop raving about it.

Our third course was Sushi (choice of four). I ordered for the California Roll which was one of the finest sushi I’ve had in Delhi. Being a sushi lover, and an Indian that is so used to seeing only soups and main courses in set meals/fixed course meals, it was a real delight to see the chef including sushi in his menu. Sensational sushi it was!

Next two courses were mains (choice of ten) and sides (choice of five). Yes, you read it right- it gives you an option to choose from 5 veg and 5 non veg main course items, and 5 rice and noodles. Being spoilt for choice, maybe? I went with Teppanyaki Lamb Coriander and Japanese Sticky Rice, and felt sad to be saying no to all the other lovely prawn, fish and chicken choices. The lamb was really tender, and really flavourful. You could gobble it down without anything on the side as well- it was that well-prepared.

For desserts (choice of four), I tried a little bit of everything. The Hot Toffee Pudding and Date Pancake were just brilliant! To bite into a pudding and not find chocolate for a change, that’s a good thing too- is something I discovered at Pan Asian. The Date Pancakes being beautifully crisp on the outside and not too sweet on the inside, were served with Vanilla ice-cream. The Pan Asian Fantasy Platter was good too, with my favourite dessert being mango tart, but I’d still go for the Date Pancake or Hot Toffee Pudding.

If you see all the pictures, the portions of this fixed course meal were very generous. People were stuffed even before main course was served. The meal had all- taste, quality and quantity. It was a hearty meal in every sense. One that won’t keep you longing for more.

At the price this is being offered, you’re sure to make a booking right away. I’m going to do the same for myself too!! A weekday lunch (Monday-Friday) will cost you 1199, and a weekend lunch will cost 1399. A weekday dinner will be 1399 and a weekend dinner will be 1799.

A deal that genuinely shouldn’t be missed for the superb food and an excellent warm hospitality.

You can purchase the deal from Groupon here: http://alldeals.groupon.co.in/791877

Address: Sheraton New Delhi Hotel, Saket
Timings: 12:30 to 2:45PM, 7PM to 11:45PM

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