11 July 2015

Sushi Haus Comes To Delhi!

One of the major reasons I envied people living in Gurgaon was their ability to order sushi and have it delivered to their doorstep. And no, even though Delhi has a lot of sushi places, there's none that delivers to areas far off. Having Sushi Haus opening in Delhi was such an amazing news to me! To try their sushi and see what the buzz was all about when they initially were only in Gurgaon, I went to the Grub Fest in Nehru Stadium to try them out. And oh my, was it delicious?!

Sushi Haus is a delivery only concept. They have a base kitchen where they operate out of, but you can't go and pick up stuff from there. Their sister concern is Asian Haus that also works on the same model.

They started operations in Delhi around 10 days ago and I ordered a lot of sushis from them (some as a part of their trials). They had a few misses in terms of delivery time and service but that was something they had informed people beforehand. So you can't complain if the restaurant tells you ahead of time that they might take some time more than the usual to deliver your food. Considering it was only trials, their sushi even then was outstanding! Seeing the stuff they gave before and after the trials, there was no difference in terms of the taste at all. 

2 July 2015

Nostalgia in SELECT Citywalk- Keventers opens doors in a new avatar!

A place that invokes nostalgia in each Delhiite, a place that has value over any other milkshake joint when it comes to taste, a place that is legendary- Keventers. The way they have rebranded themselves and emerged the way they have in the market recently, it really deserves to give them a loud round of applause for this. The way Keventers is now positioned, it’s at par with all those kitschy joints servings fancy drinks in a beautiful presentation.

Opened in SELECT Citywalk barely a few months ago, the place sees crowd flocking throughout the day. The cute fat transparent bottles with the superb logo of their’s is an added incentive for people to come and buy their shakes. The place still lives up to its name after all these decades, and it still does a fabulous job at their products. My favourite is their Strawberry Shake. So humble and so delicious, often the flavour that is loved by most, it is a sure shot winner for me. Another winner for me is the Butterscotch Shake. It’s not overly sweet, it has a yummy butterscotch flavour, and it takes you back to the days in CP when you used to visit Keventers and stand in the long long queues.

Even for people that worry too much about hygiene and cleanliness, Keventers opening such joints should be a big sigh of relief. It’s not just clean but also very alluring. You can’t pass them by, see those cute bottles of milkshake, and not stop to order one.

I’m still to order from their new and fancy additions like Mint, Oreo and Peanut Butter, but I will do that real soon!

Address: Ground Floor, SELECT Citywalk, Saket, New Delhi
Timings: 10AM to 11PM

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