15 August 2015

Mumbai: Karaoke, Cocktails and Fun Tales- The Bombay Bronx, Breach Candy

A place with a very lively vibe to it, a place that has great great music, karaoke, and an amazing atmosphere to chill and party. With seating that comprises of wooden furniture of high tables and chairs, and also the usual tables with benches, it’s pretty neat. There is a very quirky setup in one corner of the restaurant that’s a table shaped like an auto. You can sit inside and get pictures clicked in the super fun multi-colour lighting inside. They also have some really nice lamps hanging down on each table, and a huge karaoke screen in the centre of the place from where everyone can see the lyrics and sing.

How their karaoke works- you tell the coordinator that you want to sing the next song and give your song request, and the mic is given to you on your table upon your turn. The place is buzzing with so much action and fun all the time that it's hard for someone to not like it! People are singing to the tunes, they’re singing along with each other and just having a great time.

An equal importance is given to vegetarians and non vegetarians here. They have some great deal of delicious bar nibbles, along with some generous options for main course as well. Tried the Chilli Basil Garlic Mushroom, Garlic Bread, Krispee Spinach and the Bombay Bronx Fries in vegetarian options. The Garlic Mushrooms were nice- a good choice for mushroom lovers. The Garlic Bread was incredibly delicious! Really soft, with a beautiful garlic flavour and butter on it. The Krispee Spinach was another excellent appetizer. With leaves of spinach inside and a very crisp exterior because of the deep frying, the Krispee Spinach was too delicious and something that you don’t find anywhere else. The Bombay Bronx Fries were peri-peri flavoured fries that were good to go with the drinks.

In non vegetarian I tried their Chicken Malai Tikka, Chicken Lollypop, Bombay Chicken Pijja and Masala Fish Finger. The Malai Tikka was outstanding! I was really surprised to find such a great Malai Tikka at a place that’s so famous for their nightlife, chilling and drinks. Melting in the mouth, with no effort required for breaking the chicken into pieces, it was simply marvellous! A must must try! The Chicken Lollypop were great too. Very flavourful. The Masala Fish Finger was at par with the Malai Tikka. Outstanding stuff with the crunchy fish fingers and the tartar sauce it was served with. The batter for frying the fish had some great spices in it! My only disappointment was the pizza. It was chewy beyond imagination! The base was really bad.

My favourite cocktail was the Iced Peru- a spiced vodka based drink which was delicious! Also tried their Kala Khatta, Aam Panna, Kokum Sour and some other cocktails that all had a desi twist to them and were simply smacking! Their Sangria wasn’t as good though- too too sweet for my liking.

The place has invested a lot of effort into their overall feel. The cutlery, the presentation, the ambience and d├ęcor. Little things like their tissue box, the paper cones in which they gave nuts and peanuts to nibble on, the cutlery used, the graffiti on the walls- it all just blended really well. I can safely say I’m a fan of Bombay Bronx now and I can’t wait to visit it again! The prices are really reasonable and the portions are good too. It’s a complete package.

Address: 10, Hub Town, Akriti Sky Bay, Bhalubhai Desai Road, Breach Candy, Mumbai
Timings: 6 30PM to 12 30AM
Contact: 7710044666

Disclaimer: This review was done on an invitation from the restaurant. The views expressed are unbiased and objective in nature but readers may exercise their own discretion. 

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