29 September 2015

Hyderabad: Adaa, Taj Falaknuma Palace: The Perfect Dining Experience!

What do yo say about a place that is magical in its very essence? That draws people to it because of its grandeur, name, enigma, culture, history, fame and what not. A place that gets full with reservations weeks in advance with an extremely rare possibility of cancellations. One of the places that I wanted to dine at in India are ticked off my bucket list, and oh boy, am I happy!

Taj Falaknuma has been known to host some of the biggest celebrities, not just of Bollywood but from all over the world. The palace's heritage and beauty has been spoken about a gazillion times. But that's not all that's spoken about it, the food here is equally cherished. Made a reservation to dine at Adaa, the palace's Indian restaurant, and was excited like a little kid, looking forward to a dining experience like never before!

The palace offers a guided tour that comes as a part of your meal. So you're supposed to reach the palace 45 minutes prior as the tour takes about 30 minutes or so. Right from the entrance of the palace to the restaurant and the food, and to stepping out, it's a magical experience altogether! 

Cook Gourmet: A Superb Cooking Experience!

An experience of cooking created with the least amount of effort involved- that’s Cook Gourmet for you. The recipes are simple and don’t consume much of your time, the options for dishes provided by them is brilliant, and the packaging makes you believe it is as hygienic as it can get.

Ordered for a Shredded Chicken meal that included Shredded Chicken Kulcha Tacos with Salsa, and Corn on the Cob with Chili Cheese Dressing. My Gourmet Box came in a cardboard box sealed with the ingredients inside. Everything was packed neatly in separate containers and packets and was well labelled too. The best part- even the minutest things like oil, chilli and seasoning came in the box. A pamphlet that consisted of the step-by-step procedure was inside the box, and that could guide you well through your cooking.

17 September 2015

Dinner Buffet at Tamra, Shangri-La, Ashoka Road: Mouthwatering Fare!

A buffet that only aims at impressing you, and does so oh-so-successfully! Here, I’ve summed up the entire post in one line.

Situated on the first floor of the hotel, the multi-cuisine restaurant at Shangri-La Hotel, Tamra, created quite a buzz, a lot because of the PR and marketing they did. Full marks to them for that, because they really did garner a lot of clientele because of their marketing efforts. With a huge area for seating that’s both plush and comfortable, with lighting that’s not too dim in some places (for families) and aptly dim that you can have a good look at your food in some places (for a date), the buffet counters of the restaurant are spread out all over. With the sushi section in one corner and the Oriental section in the other, the place is really well done in terms of décor and interiors. Wooden flooring, shiny wooden tables, red décor in sync with a Malaysian festival that was on when I went, we were escorted to our table overlooking the gardens outside.

Went to Tamra for their dinner buffet and was simply floored by the quality and taste of food. It’s much much better than the five star buffets that are around right now, plus the variety also beats most other hotels’ buffets.

12 September 2015

Mumbai: Noodle Play, Bandra West Delivering Yummy Chinese!

A delivery service that brings delicious comfort food to your doorstep. Noodle Play has a vast menu spread across soups, salads, appetizers, noodles, rice, main courses and the likes. With outlets present in the entire city of Mumbai, and with the exception of only one kitchen that makes vegetarian food, all other outlets serve non vegetarian.

A sumptuous meal from Noodle Play was devoured by me a few days ago for dinner. Ordered for Chicken Sapo and Black Pepper Chicken for appetizers, and Mixed Fried Rice with Chicken Manchurian for main course. The Black Pepper Chicken was to die for!! The pepper shone bright in this dish and I simply loved it with the bell peppers, garlic and onions that the chicken was cooked in. Sapo was a dish that was a pleasant surprise for me! It had a slight pungent and sharp taste to it, and it tasted really good! Not like the chilly flavours that are prevalent in most Chinese dishes, but something different from that. Also, the chicken was really well-cooked in all the dishes. Not at all chewy but just right.

7 September 2015

The Goodness of Pita Pit at My Square, SELECT Citywalk, Saket

When Pita Pit opened in Delhi NCR, people went crazy over it. And I can safely say that still continues. For the uninitiated, the best explanation of Pita Pit was that it's somewhat like Subway with practically the same concept. But what people forgot was that apart from the fresh produce, everything else about Pita Pit was different.

Delhi got a restaurant that serves Lebanese on the go. For people who loved shawarma rolls and dips like hummus, tzatziki and baba ganoush, Pita Pit was heaven. The opening of Pita Pit in SELECT Citywalk was no less than a boon for health freaks and for those who wanted to shy away from North Indian, South Indian and Italian that was otherwise prevalent in the food court called My Square.

A bit about the concept- you choose your pita bread (white or brown), you choose the fresh vegetables, the toppings like olives and jalapenos, the dips, the seasoning, the type of cheese, and the core stuffing of the roll. The stuffing is cooked on the grill and then put into your roll, which is then grilled for a little while to make the roll heat. The roll comes in two sizes- 6 inches and 9 inches.

My most favourite rolls here are Falafel and Fresh Paneer in veg, and Chicken Ham and Smoked Chicken Breast in non veg. They best go with Hummus and Tzatziki for me, with their Chipotle, Caesar and Chilli Sauce being extraordinarily good with the toppings. 

The roll might deceivingly look 'only' healthy, but it is delicious as hell! It is a complete package of deliciousness and healthy eating, and it only gets better with the variations they have. The pricing is great for the food you get, and it is very very hygienic. The outlet is really well-kept and the staff knows their job well. For those who haven't tried Pita Pit yet, you must do so soon!!

Address: My Square Food Court, 2nd Floor, SELECT Citywalk, Saket, New Delhi
Contact: 01146828209
Timings: 11AM to 11PM

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