29 September 2015

Cook Gourmet: A Superb Cooking Experience!

An experience of cooking created with the least amount of effort involved- that’s Cook Gourmet for you. The recipes are simple and don’t consume much of your time, the options for dishes provided by them is brilliant, and the packaging makes you believe it is as hygienic as it can get.

Ordered for a Shredded Chicken meal that included Shredded Chicken Kulcha Tacos with Salsa, and Corn on the Cob with Chili Cheese Dressing. My Gourmet Box came in a cardboard box sealed with the ingredients inside. Everything was packed neatly in separate containers and packets and was well labelled too. The best part- even the minutest things like oil, chilli and seasoning came in the box. A pamphlet that consisted of the step-by-step procedure was inside the box, and that could guide you well through your cooking.

For my recipe, I had to work on three different components- the chicken, the salsa, and the corn on the cob. So I simultaneously began the work. Kept my chicken and corn to boil in separate vessels, tossed the veggies and sauces for the salsa together, and then moved on to making my chili cheese dip for the corn. When the chicken was done, I marinated it with the spices and then shredded it.

The ingredients fell beautifully into place and all the dishes tasted really really good! You of course add your own little tweaks to the recipe to suit your palate, but the guide they send is self-sufficient to ensure you have a marvellous meal. The corn was delicious by itself too, but the chili cheese dressing that I made extra spicy really added the punch. And for the kulcha tacos, the sweet and sour flavours of the salsa and the mildly flavoured chicken on top of crisp kulchas tasted amazing!

The portions were enough to be shared among 2, and the kulchas made sure the meal was filling on the whole. Their pricing is not at all on the higher side, and you will be absolutely content with the choice of ordering from Cook Gourmet when you open your Gourmet Box- looks so appealing that you can’t wait to cook!!

Delivery areas: Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida

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