12 September 2015

Mumbai: Noodle Play, Bandra West Delivering Yummy Chinese!

A delivery service that brings delicious comfort food to your doorstep. Noodle Play has a vast menu spread across soups, salads, appetizers, noodles, rice, main courses and the likes. With outlets present in the entire city of Mumbai, and with the exception of only one kitchen that makes vegetarian food, all other outlets serve non vegetarian.

A sumptuous meal from Noodle Play was devoured by me a few days ago for dinner. Ordered for Chicken Sapo and Black Pepper Chicken for appetizers, and Mixed Fried Rice with Chicken Manchurian for main course. The Black Pepper Chicken was to die for!! The pepper shone bright in this dish and I simply loved it with the bell peppers, garlic and onions that the chicken was cooked in. Sapo was a dish that was a pleasant surprise for me! It had a slight pungent and sharp taste to it, and it tasted really good! Not like the chilly flavours that are prevalent in most Chinese dishes, but something different from that. Also, the chicken was really well-cooked in all the dishes. Not at all chewy but just right.

The Fried Rice came in a cup noodle kind of box that you can eat straight out of. So no fuss of taking out utensils- you just eat out of the boxes they send their food in (all are made of plastic or paper coated with plastic). The Manchurian was the good old comfort chicken Manchurian that you long for after a long day. The gravy was nice and salty and went well with the fried rice.

Their packaging is really cute with the pinks, blacks and whites. Every dish is neatly packed in separate boxes and is labelled with its name to avoid any confusion. They give you plastic cutlery and tissues too with your food, so it’s a simple no-fuss eating of pure delicious Chinese! The prices are nominal and the service is prompt too. They have a concept of '29 minutes or free', so order in food from Noodle Play and just sit back and relax. Must order for when you're craving good Chinese!

Contact: 02230151873
Timings: 11AM to 3:30PM, 7:30PM to 11:15PM

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