5 October 2015

Healthy Snacking With Nutty Gritties!

I recently tried a few products from Nutty Gritties - a brand that has come out with healthy snacking options. They focus on making products high on nutrition and less on fat, and oh boy, are their products delicious!

The first time I tried something from Nutty Gritties was in the goodie bag given by So Delhi in one of their events, and I had promised myself I would order from them soon. And then I got to try some of their products only 2 months later. Tried their Sour Cream and Onion Cashews and Peppery Almonds. The cashews were to die for!! They tasted super super smacking, just like Pringles in the same flavour taste. Exceptional stuff and too addictive! The Peppery Almonds were super delicious too! The first time I tried Nutty Gritties, I had their Honey Sesame Almonds and they were just as droolworthy as the cashews. The packaging for almonds and cashews is in an airtight container with a tin opener to seal the snack.

The other snacks that I tried were Bombay Mix and Natural Eats. Bombay Mix consisted of pumpkin seeds, chana, sunflower seeds and other such stuff that is super high on health and nutrition, and the Natural Eats had dried apple, mango, pineapple, cashews, pistachios, etc. As bizarre as it may sound, the Natural Eats pack is the most addictive 'dry fruit' based snack I've ever laid my hands on. I cannot describe how good it is- it's just sensational (with the dried mango, apple and pineapple being my favourite components)! The packaging for these is done in an airtight zip pouch kind of packet that once opened, can be closed again with the zip. 

The expiry of their products is usually 6 months and the pricing is too good for the products they offer. Their delivery is prompt and the entire transaction goes through beautifully. They say their snacks can be had when you're hungry at midnight, want to munch on something in office, in between the meals, etc., but for me their snacks are nothing but mouthwatering good that are had when I crave them (and that happens too often!!). They're a must must try! For someone like me who liked to stay away from dry fruit, my mother is really happy I'm craving the same thing I hated some time ago.

Website: www.nuttygritties.com

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