4 December 2015

Carl's Jr. in SELECT Citywalk dishing out mouth-watering burgers!

Tucked away behind SELECT Citywalk (the Chicago Pizza exit), is a beautiful new burger joint from Australia ready to entice you with its offerings. Carl’s Jr. had quite some hustle bustle around it when it opened- food groups had events there, people were flocking it like it was the last day on Earth, but that’s the case with all international chains opening in Delhi. The only thought I had at the top of my mind was- this will be just like any other international burger chain, and the hype will soon die down. Went to have dinner over here last week to find out what the fuss really was all about, and oh my, was I blown away by the food!

Parking is hardly an issue here. Specially because you don't have to go all the way down to the basement parking.
It’s a self-service concept for placing your order, serving yourself ketchup and bottomless soft drinks and iced tea, but the staff is there to do it for you if you don’t want to. Ketchup dispensers, just like what McDonald’s started a few years ago and got rid of, Coke/Iced Tea, etc. dispensers, and a rack with tissues. You place your order and they give you empty glasses if you’ve taken a drink, and they hand you your order number which helps the waiter identify your table when the food is ready and to be served to you.

Tried their Chargrilled Chicken Burger range and ordered for an Jalapeno Burger and a Super Star Burger with Cheese. The Jalapeno Burger was a little spicy, with jalapenos, cheese and onions stuffed inside, and a tangy special sauce of their’s. Very very delicious with that gorgeous charred flavour of the Mexican Chicken patty. The Super Star Burger did complete justice to its name- 2 chicken patties in between two soft sesame buns, with 2 slices of cheese and onions layered in between. Mayo and ketchup to seal the deal, and you’re done! Took a combo with this burger which came with fries and your choice of soft beverage.

Jalapeno Burger
Super Star Burger

Tried 3 pieces of Chicken Wings too, which were absolutely delicious! Very crispy on the outside, with juicy chicken flesh inside and a mildly spicy sauce. Served with a spicy mayo dip, the size of the chicken wing was too impressive.

The fun element here is- you can take whatever soft beverage you want in each refill. Bottomless with the choice of so many soft beverages! The Peach iced was spot-on with the flavour, and my clear favourite!

For dessert we went with the staff’s recommendation and they told us to go with the Chocolate Cake. The only let down to my meal was this. The chocolate icing in between the layers was really weird and not what I expected it to be.

A delicious meal on the whole. Spent an approximate of 1400 on all this. Too much on the tax, as you can see below. Too steep for a burger chain- don’t think I got ‘complete’ value for money, but then the burgers were delicious! Stick to the burgers, I’d say, and you’ll be in for a real treat!

Address: GF-1 & 2, FF-1, D-2 Southern Park, Saket, New Delhi-110017
Timings: 11AM to 11PM

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