8 December 2015

Gourmet Studio 4.0 with Chef Amit Rana at Masala Art, Taj Palace, New Delhi

I have a lot of fond memories associated with Masala Art – from heading here for special occasion lunches in school to dining out with family, the restaurant has stood out for me always! The food is absolutely gorgeous, and I can pick anything from the menu without worrying if the dish will be as good as the rest- that’s the benchmark they have set for themselves.

Delhi Gourmet Club and Nearbuy come out with their 4th edition of The Gourmet Studio with Chef Amit Rana at Masala Art, Taj Palace Hotel, as the star chef this month. The earlier editions have been absolutely stellar, but this one came out with a bang with over 90 vouchers being sold in just 5 days of the deal going out on Nearbuy. The Gourmet Studio essentially aims to promote a chef every month, with a fixed course lavish meal specially curated by that restaurant and the chef, at unbelievably affordable prices. You see the best of that restaurant and its chef at maybe one third of the price you would pay otherwise. The meal fills you up insanely, and leaves no room for anything unsatiated.

Chef Amit Rana with his team of chefs

The meal at Masala Art is a 6-course menu that comprises of amuse bouche, starters, soup, cooler shot, main course, and dessert. You get a menu that consists of all the dishes on offer (both veg and non veg) that you can choose from, and your food starts coming to the table one by one. Priced at 1500 all inclusive for a weekday lunch, and going up to 1800 all inclusive for a weekend dinner, the price is a real steal deal!

My meal began with the amuse bouche- Collacassia leaves coated with gram flour and shallow-fried, and chilli ice cream. The ice cream was really chilli and not some fake chilli that ice creams usually contain. Too good! I then had a lovely shorba made of prawn extract and coconut milk. So light and so delicious!

The appetizers saw Lamb and Prawn, with the lamb being coated in really delicious robust flavour, screaming flavour in each bite! The prawn, chargrilled to perfection, very juicy on the interior, with piri-piri olivettes. To die for!

Then was the turn of the fanciest thing in our meal- a cooler shot. It wasn’t just any cooler shot, but one that consisted of gold leaf. Edible gold leaf floating on top of a mix of rose water, sandalwood and saffron extract. Very very impressive stuff!

Main course was a very lavish affair. The famous shining Masala Art ‘tiffin boxes’ were brought to our table and inside were four big bowls of different dishes. Hyderabadi Khatti Dal, Baingan Achari Mirchi, Chicken Ghee Roast, and Pulao, served with 4-5 kinds of breads. Each dish was as smacking as the other. For a hardcore non-vegetarian, saying that for Khatti Dal takes a lot of yumminess in a dish! The Dal and Baingan together tasted outstanding! The Chicken Ghee Roast was every bit finger-licking good. A thick gravy that didn’t have too much oil but was packed with flavour and tender chicken to seal the deal, it was terrific stuff! Some Garlic Naan and Pudina Parantha to go with it and you’re all set. The pulao was every bit living up to the rest of the food- fragrantic grains of rice mixed with some veggies and seasoned with saffron and mint leaves.

Dessert saw some delicious ghevar with malai kulfi- just the kind of stuff you need to end your hearty meal with. The ghevar was supremely crisp and not overtly sweet. The malai kulfi- my my! Excellent! Very creamy and very velvety, the perfect accompaniment to the ghevar.

The Gourmet Studio has once again proved that they’re only riding high on taste and quality here. The food, the value for money, the hospitality of the restaurant- all this makes up for a brilliant experience! All lovers of Indian food- do not miss this!!

Buy the deal here: Nearbuy

Address: Taj Palace Hotel, Diplomatic Enclave, Sardar Patel Marg, New Delhi
12 30PM to 2 45PM
6 30PM to 11 45PM
Contact: 011 26110202

Disclaimer: The review was done on an invitation from the establishment. All views expressed belong entirely to me and are completely unbiased in nature. However, readers may exercise their own discretion.

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