10 January 2016

Kebab Gali, Malviya Nagar, New Delhi: Delicious North Indian Food!

Kebab Gali has multiple outlets in Delhi now, with Malviya Nagar being the latest entrant. Mughlai, North Indian, Indian- food that they serve. The place started off with having their maximum clientele being people who order in, but has now started picking up on their dining in too. This outlet of Kebab Gali is situated on the main Malviya Nagar road, just a few shops after Rendezvous.

Very basic no-fuss furniture, with the kitchen at the end of the restaurant and the cashier right before that. They have a place for hand wash too, which I feel is required in every restaurant.

I started off my meal with Dahi Kebab, Dohra Kebab and Galauti Kebab. Kebab Gali does one of the best Dahi Kebabs in Delhi! Mouth-watering soft and impeccable in taste!

Their Dohra Kebab too is delicious and juicy beyond words. Juicy to another level and full of flavour. The kebab has minced chicken on the outside and minced mutton inside- it's like the best of both worlds!! A definite must try, these two appetizers.

The Galauti Kebab fared extremely well on the taste but wasn’t at all melt in the mouth- something a galauti is incomplete without. It was served with ulte taw aka parantha that again wasn’t impressive- too oily.

In main course I tried Dal Makhni, Chicken Biryani, Mutton Nihari and Chicken Korma. The Dal Makhni was creamy and buttery- nice in taste but may be too creamy for some. I really liked it. The Nihari was very well-prepared, with the gravy being spicy to the right level. My least favourite was the Chicken Korma that had a peculiar taste to it. The main course overall was nice, but the only issue was that the food was served cold. Not even lukewarm, but a notch below that. Communicated this to the staff and they promptly heated my food and brought it back. This time round it was fine. 

The Chicken Biryani was served with saalan and raita. The biryani being a dum biryani, was served in an earthen pot with atta on the top to seal the biryani. Excellent taste, excellent presentation. The grains of rice were very fragrantic and the biryani was not at all overloaded with masalas that cause a bad stomach. It was very nice and very light. Chunks of chicken coated in masala and relished with the biryani- too good. Only the saalan could have been better. The biryani is available in big packs too- for parties and a larger gathering.

The kulchas and butter garlic naan that I had with the food were very crisp and yummy. Complemented my food very well.

For dessert I tried Shahi Tukda, and oh my, what a Shahi Tukda it was! Delicious delicious stuff! Not overtly sweet, and extremely soft! A must try to end your meal with.

My experience overall at Kebab Gali was very nice. My favourites out of the lot were Dohra Kebab, Dahi Kebab, Dal Makhni and Chicken Biryani. The staff was nice and helpful, the prices are extremely pocket-friendly, the variety is great. The best part is they have three different sizes for main course- quarter, half and full. Catering to individual diners as well as families. They have all things going right for them, and maybe the cold food was just a one off day. Doesn't mean the food gets written off, the food still remains as delicious. Must try place for everyone!

Address: 7-8, Corner Market, Malviya Nagar, New Delhi
Timings: 12 Noon to 11PM

Disclaimer: The review was done on an invitation from the establishment. All views expressed belong entirely to me and are completely unbiased in nature. However, readers may exercise their own discretion.

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