17 January 2016

Royce' Chocolate comes to Select CITYWALK, Saket, New Delhi

With the addition of Royce' Chocolate to the crazy food and lifestyle scene in Select CITYWALK, they are now just complete! The store speaks volumes about what to expect in the chocolates. Very classy, very polished, you wouldn’t find many chocolates in India being sold this way.

Royce' has a lot of chocolates on offer- very thin sheets of chocolate, Chocolate Wafers, Chocolate Bars, Pure Chocolate, Potatochip Chocolate (chips coated with white and milk chocolate), chocolates that have different content and percentage of dark chocolate or liquor in it, flavoured chocolate with the most amazing flavours on offer, the classic Nama, cookies- the list goes on.

What really stands out at Royce' apart from their chocolates (obviously) is their packaging. For the chocolates to not melt, they pack boxes of chocolates with sheets that keep the chocolates at the same temperature at which they are kept in the store. For the same reason, Royce' has now become people’s favourite for gifting, for announcing celebrations in the family, and all of this without any worry of the chocolate not being in the right condition.

My favourites are the Ghana Bitter from the Nama range, milk chocolate version of Potatochip chocolate, chocolate wafers and chocolate bar. The texture of the chocolate, the aftertaste, the way it melts in your mouth, the science behind the temperature at which these chocolates are prepared and should be kept on- they speak volumes about the brand. They sure are expensive- some are more than just the usual expensive, but the chocolates are worth splurging on!! Now that a Royce' store is closer to you than before (at Select CITYWALK), you must must try their chocolates!

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