19 February 2016

Veeba presents Asian Hawkers Market II at Select CITYWALK, Saket, NewDelhi

The Asian Hawkers Market's second edition was even bigger than the first one. A concept that brings multiple Asian eateries and restaurants under one roof (in one place, actually) and lets them showcase their best dishes, is what AHM is. What do people like you and I get? We get a whole lot of crazy delicious food, and we are completely spoilt for choice! The venue for this is Select CITYWALK, in their open ground right in the front, and there's a lot of space for the stalls to be put up, the bands to perform, and the people to move around.

This year the AHM was presented by Veeba, the brand that brings to us delicious dressings and spreads. Held over the weekend of  12th, 13th and 14th of February, the highlights of the food festival were restaurants like Pa Pa Ya from Mumbai, showcasing its food to Delhiites for the first time, The Bento Box- that comes from the makers of The Wine Company, Big Fat Sandwich, Benihana, Hawkers Chowk, and many others. All the restaurants I mentioned are new entrants in the festival- so much for being the attraction then!

Founders of Asian Hawkers Market

The festival, first held in Select CITYWALK in October, is back within 4 months, and I can vouch for this when I say- it's one of the best food festivals Delhi has seen. Such outstanding, lavish spread! Sushi, dimsums, baos, noodles, bento boxes, sticky rice, takoyaki, sandwiches, teppanyaki counters, macaroons and desserts- you name it and you have it here! Five-stars and standalones displaying deliciousness, all in the same premises and with so much taste and finesse. Cannot wait for the next edition!!

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9 February 2016

The New Seasonal Menu at Mamagoto- Meal In a Bowl, Dimsums, Drinks and more!

Mamagoto is back with a new menu and this time it's their Winter Menu! Winter calls for yummy comfort soulful food that keeps you warm, is very wholesome and complete, and just makes you want to snuggle tight after you're done polishing off the food. Mamagoto has ensured they do all of this.

With 3-4 cocktails with different spirits to set your mood, dimsums of different stuffings, meal in a bowls and other main course options, the menu is well rounded. Mamagoto has crazy delicious Pan Asian food, so you're not in for any scary surprise or aren't hesitant in trying out anything new that they have on offer. 

The Prawn Mama Dumplings were superb! Chunky prawn with a thin coating on it, with some really nice chilli and soya dressing. The dumplings didn't need any dipping sauce with them, the chilli soya dressing was perfect to go with it.

 The Mama Katsu-DON was good too. Panko crusted chicken (also came with a variant of aubergine), with an onion sauce mixed with sticky rice, and a subtle flavour of sake in it. Hot comfort food, this one will be lovedd by you if you like sweet rice. 

But my favourite out of all the dishes was the Mama's Spicy Ramen Bowl. Soupy noodles with the broth that was spicy and so so flavourful! With minced chicken, spinach, boiled egg on top, and corn kernels, I simply loveddd this dish! Super delicious and the perfect 'meal in a bowl'!

Their drinks were really smacking! My favourite was the Sangria Pop A big ice popsicle dunked in loads and loads of alcohol, and served inside a glass of really boozy sangria with ice. So so so good! Rum Diaries is another cocktail, a mix of white and dark rum, that's so fruity and delicious. Orange juice, grilled pineapple and pomegranate essence (that wasn't so evident). The grilled pineapple was the star here. You could taste the charred flavour and that really was the best part.

Go relish the seasonal menu at Mamagoto while it's on. Expect to be in for a lovely meal from this winter menu available at all outlets of Mamagoto.

DLF Promenade, New Delhi
Khan Market, New Delhi
Select Citywalk, New Delhi
Sector 29, Gurgaon
Sector 41, Noida

Disclaimer: The review was done on an invitation from the establishment. All views expressed belong entirely to me and are completely unbiased in nature. However, readers may exercise their own discretion.

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