5 March 2016

Dimsum Festival at Asia 7, Ambience Mall, Gurgaon

Asia 7, the place that has always been people’s first option when dining in Ambience Mall, Gurgaon. Also famous for their lunch buffet that attracts a lot of office going people out for team lunches, people shopping in the mall, and residents of Gurgaon looking for a nice Asian meal. I’ve tried their lunch buffet several times and totally loved it (hence, the repeat visits) but have never gotten a chance to try their ala carte menu.

Visited Asia 7 for the Dimsum Festival that was on till the end of February, and fell completely in love with ALL their dimums!

The Dimsum Festival at Asia 7 is one that catered to all palettes. They had the most delicious variety to choose from, with the most stunning types of dimsums. The Broccoli Crunchy Almond Dumpling had a stuffing of very finely chopped broccoli with equally finely chopped almonds, and tasted just divine! The Crystal Veg Dumplings were very crunchy and juicy, and the Shanghai Veg Dumpling was equally soul-satisfying.

Out of the non veg ones my favourite included Prawn Har Gao- chunky prawn, no fuss no excess seasoning, just plain old delicious juicy prawn stuffed inside the dumpling. The Schezwan Chicken Dumplings were great too. Slightly spicy chicken with a lovely flavour. You didn’t need any dipping sauce to go with it, it was delicious by itself. The Steamed Chicken Dumplings are the safest option for people who like the basic chicken dumplings done well and don’t like to take risks. But the one that was very different from the rest was the Prawn ‘n’ Spinach Roll. The spinach was rolled around prawn and the dumpling was served over a spicy salty ginger dressing. Dipping this particular dimsum into a sauce would have been a real shame. Bangs and bangs of flavour, and comparatively heavier than the rest of the dimsums even though the size of this one was smaller. The only dimsums that weren't up to the mark were the Pan Fried Chicken Kothe. The stuffing was filled with flavour and tasted lovely, but the dimsum had too much oil in it.

The most essential thing with dimsums are the sauces. There were 5 beautiful dimsum sauces and the presentation of these was damn cute! Each better than the previous one, I am so impressed with the restaurant for this. Places hardly have so many options for dimsum sauces, firstly, and even the ones that do, don’t get all of them right. Asia 7 got each sauce bang on right! The chilli sauce, garlic based, chilli oil, sweet chilli, peanut based- all of them were smacking!

Washed down my meal with a Lemon Iced Tea that was really well made and not overtly sweet.

The place didn't have anything going wrong for them. The food was good, the service was good, the drinks were good- it was all very very nice!

The festival was a really good step by the restaurant for showing they are so much more than just their lunch buffet. I’m in love with their dimsums! The best part being- all the dimsums had a translucent coating on them- not at all excessively thick. Also, they didn’t fall open when you picked them up with a fork or a chopstick. For all dimsum lovers, they have a lot of these dimsums on their normal menu too. You must must try them out! The dimsums will really not disappoint you.

Disclaimer: The review was done on an invitation from the establishment. All views expressed belong entirely to me and are completely unbiased in nature. However, readers may exercise their own discretion.

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