10 April 2016

'Mitti Ki Khooshbu' themed Sunday Brunch at K3, JW Marriott Aerocity

K3 in JW Marriott Aerocity is hands down the best Sunday Brunch place in Delhi NCR in my opinion. They have a rotating theme for their Sunday Brunch, which changes every month, and the theme for April is ‘Mitti Ki Khooshbu’. The name suggests the theme is something to do with Indian food and how the food is closer to our roots. Not just the food, but the concept, the cutlery used, the presentation, the menu- everything talks about the theme K3 has for its Sunday Brunch for April.

Talking first about the theme and the Indian section devoted to it, this section was done up really beautifully with spices and dried red chilli for the presentation, and a standee in front with all the dishes on the menu written on it. I cannot even begin to explain how interesting and mouth-watering each dish was. By ‘each’, I really do mean EACH. I’m a person who would choose European and Mediterranean over Indian at any given day, but on this particular day Indian outshone the rest. It really was the best. Gosht Sakura Kebab was a soft minced lamb kebab which came in a small earthen bowl. Dishes in the main course were Aloo Ka Salan killing it with its flavour, Bhuna Lasan Palak giving no scope for error with its delicious kick of flavour, Baghara Gosht Pulao with the soft pieces of mutton in the yummy aromatic rice, and my two most favourite items from the menu- Kunde Ka Dum Gosht and Sondhe Masale Ka Jhinga. Oh my god! I do not have words to describe these. They were simply out of this world! Even when I was absolutely stuffed with my appetizers and food from the live counter, I still hogged on the Indian food like there is no tomorrow. It really did live up to being the core theme.

From the European section, they give you a bit of everything- different kinds of cheese and dips, grilled options, pastas and pizzas, lamb chops, an array of freshly baked breads, a whole variety of hot European food with pies, lasagne, grilled chicken, and the list goes on. My favourite was of course, the thin crust pizza, the vegetable lasagne, Ham Pie, and the Focaccia Bread. The Lamb Chops being absolutely smacking shouldn’t come as a surprise.

The Oriental section was impeccable! Honey lamb, crisp wontons, chicken dimsums, and the made to order pork and duck. The Char Siew Pork and the Roasted Duck were the highlight of my meal. A crisp exterior, loaded and loaded with flavour that has been seeped in so well, such nice juicy meat- an entire package that leaves you wanting for more, and makes you come back to this beauty of a place! Stole my heart, really. Tried a little bit of main course too from here and I’m all praises for that too.

K3 has the maximum number of most exciting live stations I have ever seen. The Galauti Kebab counter was the winner for me, but the appetizer spread prepared on the tawa was also not far behind. A live sandwich counter, a counter for Singapore Rice and Chicken, one for chaat, one for Chhole Kulche, for fried proteins. The fried prawns were a delight, the Singapore Rice and Chicken were a gorgeous meal by themselves- with the two accompany sauces, the Galauti melted in the mouth and the ulte tawe ka parantha was superb as well. Nothing came as a surprise to me- it was all brilliant, as expected.

We come to my most favourite section now- desserts! K3 hands down has the best desserts section in a five-star hotel! Both for choice of dessert and variety. From a Chocolate Mousse, 5 kinds of cupcakes, 4 kinds of macarons, chocolate truffle pastry, fresh fruit tart, live counter for crepes, fresh fruit trifle pudding, fresh fruits, white chocolate and milk chocolate fondue, blueberry pudding, coconut cake, New York Cheesecake, Beetroot Halwa, Crème Brulee, Laddoos, Malai Chop, to 6 ice cream flavours and so many sorbet flavours, with kulfi, and the mind-blowing dressings and add-ons for these. I haven’t even covered half of the desserts here. It’s a paradise for people with even slightly inclining towards having a sweet tooth. What stood out for me specifically in the desserts section was a Raspberry and Green Tea based cake. Can you imagine the balance of flavours in this?!

The bar was set up in the spirit of the theme and they had really nice earthen pots decorated and filled with different ingredients used in drinks. The Aam Panna was one of the best I’ve had- not at all sweet and served nice and chilled. They also had a vodka based cocktail with achaar in it that was curated for the theme, and was it delicious! The drinks made for this theme were just of my type- not overtly sweet and very different from the usuals.

JW Marriott Aerocity is one of the finest five-star properties we have in Delhi NCR and K3 only backs that up with such great effort and quality. The staff is super sweet and helpful, the food is to die for- they have nothing going wrong for them. You must must visit K3 for their Sunday Brunch! I guarantee you will come and thank me later J

Disclaimer: The review was done on an invitation from the establishment. All views expressed belong entirely to me and are completely unbiased in nature. However, readers may exercise their own discretion.

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