12 April 2016

Mumbai: New In Town: 'Create your own pizza' goodness at 1441 Pizzeria, Andheri Lokhandwala

Andheri gets a new pizza joint, one that isn’t like any other. 1441 Pizzeria in Andheri Lokhandwala has a concept of 'create your own pizza' with the toppings, cheese and sauce that you like. They do have a few pre-fixed pizzas as well, but the core concept of the placed remains 'create your own'.

With 4-5 kinds of cheese, 4 kinds of sauces, a lot of toppings to choose from, the place offers a compact solution for your pizza craving. We often order pizzas where we ask the restaurant to omit 1-2 toppings and add something else in place of that, for which we pay extra. 1441 Pizzeria solves that problem for you.

The place has tall wooden chairs with every table having olive oil and other condiments placed on them. The walls are done up with the fields and the scenic beauty of Naples being painted on them. Naples, the place where pizzas originated. They have a live counter for making pizzas where you go and get your pizza made from scratch. From scratch it is, because the dough is also hand-rolled in front of you. A big wood fired oven to bake your pizza in, and a super clean and hygienic kitchen. There’s a soft drink vending machine in the corner which somehow gives the place a very cool vibe to it. Also, the servings of soft drinks are bottomless.

Tried their Dough Balls, which were made from the same dough used for the pizzas. This appetizer is a great option for people who don’t like fattening food. Beautiful dough balls with some seasoning on them, without any cheese or using any more condiments. Pour over some olive oil on it and see how that elevates the taste.

It was then the turn of 'create your own pizza'. I ordered my pizza with their house special tomato garlic sauce- the person making my pizza suggested it to me and said it was the best. Some mozzarella, spicy chicken, jalapeno and red pepper. The other half of my pizza had paneer tikka and jalapeno. A beautifully crisp crust- not too thick and not too thin, it still falls under the category of thin crust pizzas. Very delicious. Not dry, not oily or buttery, it was too damn good! The sauce, the cheese, the toppings- the entire combination was downright lip-smacking! I poured over some red chilli olive oil on the pizza and that spicy kick made the pizza even better. The pizza comes on a stand which can be removed if you want.

Next up was a Cheese Pesto Pizza. This was supposed to have pesto as a dressing on top, but the chef by mistake put pesto in the base of the pizza. I cannot even begin to describe the balance of flavours in this one. Pesto was clearly the winner for me, but sadly the restaurant does not add pesto in the base, this one time was just a mistake. But the one with pesto on top would be equally amazing, I’m sure. Their pesto had a different taste to it- exceptionally good! And the caramelised onions were a blessing!

Their Tiramisu was decent, not great. Soft and spongy, but could do with more coffee and an alcoholic kick. The Blueberry Pudding could have definitely fared well. Very little blueberry compote and too much cream. 

The star of the desserts was the Nutella Pizza, which is also their specialty. A very thin pizza with Nutella inside, sprinkled sugar on top and a choice of fruit or marshmallow. The pizza wasn’t overloaded with Nutella to make you feel sick, which was the best part about it. So crisp and so good!

The place is faring well on all points. A major plus being every single dish is prepared fresh. For me the winner is ‘create your own pizza' concept, and definitely the Nutella Pizza! The pricing is great for unlimited toppings, and the place is done up beautifully. Being a hardcore pizza lover, I can confidently say you will love their pizzas!

Address: 19/20, Samartha Vaibhav, Andheri Lokhandwala, Andheri West, Mumbai
Timings: 11AM to 11PM
Contact: 02233951501

Disclaimer: The review was done on an invitation from the establishment. All views expressed belong entirely to me and are completely unbiased in nature. However, readers may exercise their own discretion.

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