12 May 2016

A Kitchen Tour and Foodgasm of the Menu at Wendy's, Cyber Hub, Gurgaon

Wendy’s opens in DLF Cyber Hub in Gurgaon, and people working in offices nearby get an amazing option to dine at, an option that looks like QSR, but is dine in at the QSR prices and way of functioning. This is the first Wendy’s to have a huge screen for all the matches, a small tv screen too, and probably the first Wendy’s to have such a gorgeous outdoor seating as well. Imagine Delhi winters and sitting outdoors, having a coffee and burger. Really nicely done. People who want to get their order packed from here have a separate designated area for them where they can sit, so people who have come to dine in have ample space for themselves. Excellent use of mind and space here. There’s one wall that has all graphics related to Gurgaon, and more than just looking cool, I think the thought given behind doing this is great!

I truly love Wendy’s burgers, and I believe they’re the better ones in the market at the moment. The chain launched with their signature Baconator kind burgers but also kept the Indian market in mind and launched burgers like the Aloo Crunch. But at the Cyber Hub outlet I saw a lot more additions in the menu. The Crispy Chicken BTL for one was just lovely! Really well blended flavours, and a slice of cheese to finish it off. The wraps too that I tried for the first time were good. Enough stuffing inside them, with a crispy chicken patty, lettuce and spicy dressing. Very filling too. Ghost Chilli was a nice yummy burger but the shape of the patty was the issue here. Some places didn’t have the chicken, but only the bread. Nothing to say about the baconator- it’s hands down the best! Meaty scrumptious and delightful! What came as a surprise was the Railway Cutlet. Priced at 39/+ which is pretty decent for getting a dine in facility too, the railway cutlet was spicy with a thin crisp coating of the patty, and vegetables inside. Sure had that fiery kick! It’s a definite must try for the vegetarians and for people who love a spicy kick to their burgers. Coming to their sides- the Cheese Fries here literally taste of cheese. Not the processed kind which varies from place to place, but the really liquid cheese!

In drinks I tried the Watermelon Cooler and Oreo Shake. While the cooler was super good, the oreo shake wasn’t as indulgent.

The best, and my most favourite part at Wendy’s Cyber Hub is their sauce bar!! 5 different types of sauces, each superb in taste! Not just a sauce bar that pumps sauces out when you push the steel handle, but also another section where you have the same sauces in bottles, just like you have them at Subway. The joy of taking as much of your favourite sauce as possible, is really indescribable for an individual (like me). Couldn’t get enough of the tzatziki and ghost chilli. Outstanding stuff!

The burgers look appealing, they’re decent in size, the pricing is at par with the competitors, and they taste damn good to me!

Coming to the exciting part- the kitchen tour. Wendy’s kitchen has 4 screens outside- 1 for the entire order, out of which the order gets broken into 3 parts, each part displaying on 1 screen. 1 for the vegetarian component of the order, 1 for the non vegetarian and 1 for the drinks. With a slab that has all the food meant to be taken to the tables, the slabs have lamps above them to keep the slab and the food hot. The same also applies to the slab where the different teams (veg and non veg) keep the burgers to be passed on to the main counter from where it is picked up by servers. All this is done to ensure the food reaches absolutely hot to people.

The inside saw a huge dishwasher which was very fascinating- the dryer, the soap water, clean water, all of it. The walked us through the different machines- one that made liquid cheese and churned it, a toaster which took only 17 seconds to perfectly toast the bread. How the vegetarian and non vegetarian sections were far apart from each other, and the staff was different too, denoted by their green and red aprons respectively. The kitchen was working on a very huge order when I went, and it was a sight to see how calm and cool the staff was.

Wendy’s is sure here to stay and improvise on their menu every now and then according to the developing Indian palate, but their signature burgers are lovely and I hope they always keep them.

Address: Ground Floor, DLF Cyber Hub, Gurgaon
Timings: 8 AM to 12 Midnight

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