2 May 2016

Bangkok Street Food Festival at JW Marriott Aerocity, New Delhi

K3 in JW Marriott Aerocity comes up with yet another food festival to take their already marvellous buffet to another level. Bangkok Street Food Festival- a festival with all dishes coming from a Thai origin, right from the starters to the desserts, and cocktails too. The festival which is on till the 7th of May will have a rotational menu everyday.

We started off with the starters and soups. Krathong Thong- deep fried crispy cupcake, both veg and non veg. Crispy shells with fresh peas, carrots, chicken, and the stuffing served cold. Extremely delicious, bite-sized. Thord-Mum Pla- Fish cakes. Not the best of the lot. The fish cakes weren’t that soft, and were a little on the oilier side too. Tom-Yum Goong- Spicy prawn soup with lemongrass. Just like the description said- a spicy kick, hot soup with prawns, mushrooms and herbs in it, blended so well with the flavour of lemongrass. Comfort food at its best!

There were two salads that we tried. Som-Tam- Raw Papaya Salad and Yam Thalay- Spicy mixed seafood salad. While the Raw Papaya Salad was very well balanced, it was the seafood salad that was impressed me no end. Loaded with prawns, squid, and fish, with basil leaves in it for crazy freshness.

Main course saw Geang Kiee Wan Kai- Chicken Green Curry, Panang-Tow-Hoo- Tofu in Red Curry, Phad Phak Ruam- Stir Fried Mixed Vegetable in Soy Sauce, and Pla Neung Manao- Steamed Fish Chilli Lemon. There wasn’t anything in the main course that didn’t stand out. The Thai Curry was perfect- both red and green. The tofu didn’t taste like the processed weird ones that I’ve had at a lot of places, but really soft. The Stir fried vegetable was a little spicy, and lacking no flavour. It was more on the subtler side but with spice. The Steamed fish was a beauty! Basa cooked so well, tasted so juicy, with such good acidic flavours! You could have lots and lots of that fish without feel stuffed, or without needing anything to go with it.

Tried Thab Thim Grob- water chestnut with coconut syrup for dessert. A dessert that may not be liked by all, but loved by those who like the first bite. A sweet coconut based milk with rose syrup, and water chestnut served chilled.

The cocktails were every bit delicious with the use of lemongrass, thai chili and the likes in them. Tried. I tried the Passion Fruit Caipirojka and The Orchard (with lemongrass, rum, triple sec and orange juice) and enjoyed both my drinks.

The food will really really take you on a superb culinary journey. Subtle where they need to be and strong where they need to be- that’s how well the flavours are managed. The chef was a kind lady who was explaining the dishes and ingredients to all, if asked. The service, as usual, was top notch. Go for K3’s buffet and savour these delicacies, along with the other counters offering different cuisines to tantalize your tastebuds. 

Disclaimer: The review was done on an invitation from the establishment. All views expressed belong entirely to me and are completely unbiased in nature. However, readers may exercise their own discretion.

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