15 May 2016

Bun Intended: Smashing gourmet burgers home delivered!

Midnight deliveries in South Delhi are mushrooming like insane, and at times it becomes difficult to decide where to order from when you see so many options in front of you. Bun Intended is one place that you can blindly trust and order from when you’re hungry at the odd hour, and be sure to be in for a real treat. And I personally vouch for that. They're a delivery only model that's functional from 7PM to 4AM.

Coming from the same people as Baking Bad, Bun Intended takes gourmet burgers home delivered to another level. Burgers that are hugeee in size, with options ranging from mushroom, falafel, lamb, buff, duck, and what not, the word mouth-watering doesn’t do justice to it. Their burgers are all paired with different dips, and come with fries on the side. Not the usual fries but peri peri fries. Available in two sizes, large and xtra large, a large has always been so stuffing for me that I’ve left about 30%-40% to be had the next day. They also have the option of making your own burger from scratch, just how you like it, and they have crafted burgers too. I’m yet to create my own burger, but have tried multiple from the crafted ones.

Starting with the things I’ve had from their menu, The Shami Burger is a treat not just for the vegetarians but for the non vegetarians as well- yes, it’s that good. The patty is super soft! So soft that it breaks when you hold the huge burger in your hand. So it’s advisable to cut the burger into two halves and eat. This comes with a sweet chilli sauce.

The Legend is my most favourite from the menu. A juicy tenderloin patty in JD sauce, with blue cheese, avocado salsa and chipotle mayo, and comes with a bacon relish on the side. It’s delicious beyond imagination! And then if you pause for a second to realise that this has been delivered to you and you’re not having this at a restaurant, the realisation makes you appreciate the burger all the more.

Lamb of God’s is another one that I tried. The patty was spot on, the add-ons in the burger were great, but they’d only put too much peri peri sauce in the burger which made it a little more sour than I would like. But it was superb nonetheless. Bacon, caramelised onions, sautéed bell peppers and emmental cheese. Of course you’ll love the burger with all this present in it!

They have 3 burgers that are categorised under ‘Empire Burgers’ and each one is for Rs.845. I’m yet to try this but I’m sure this would need 3 people to finish the burger if we intend to finish it in one go.

While the burgers are the highlight, the wraps and baos shouldn’t be given a miss either. Their Crackling Pork Belly Bao is a beauty! Three pieces of such soft baos with perfectly crisp crackling pork belly tossed in a thick sweet sauce, green apple and bell peppers. They have taken quite a few things from the sides menu of Baking Bad and put them here- like the Hummus Pita, the shakes, garlic bread, baked pasta, the dips, etc., and their Flaky Oreo Shake is nice. You won’t find chunks of oreos because they’re blended too well, making it really thick. I’ve tried desserts from here only once- a Baked Blueberry Cheesecake. The cheesecake is nice but it doesn’t do justice to the rest of the menu that tastes simply brilliant. The blueberry compote has tiny seeds in it, that doesn’t make it too pleasing to eat.


It is one of the best midnight home delivery services in South Delhi! The quality of the food is real good, the taste is great and it is food that's soul satisfying. Everything is prepared fresh and the food reaches you hot in their compact packing. They take a delivery charge of Rs.50 with every order and the food usually reaches in about 50 mins-1 hour. For those of you who haven’t tried Bun Intended, you’re missing out on something crazy!! Cannot believe home delivered burgers can taste better than some dine-in places too. A sold loyal customer :D

Contact: +91 9811028175, +91 9811029175
Timings: 7PM to 4AM

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