21 June 2016

New In Town: Burma Burma opens in Cyber Hub, Gurgaon

The latest addition to the food scene in Delhi NCR is a very loved Burmese restaurant from Fort in Mumbai- Burma Burma, opened now in Cyber Hub, Gurgaon! This vegan destination that has an all-veg menu. Yes, you read it right- Burma Burma serves only vegetarian, but it still remains one of the most loved restaurants in Mumbai, and now in Delhi too.

I’ve been to the one in Mumbai and have tried their curries, rice and Khow Suey, never explored the other sections of the menu likes soups and salads. Tried a lot at the Cyber Hub outlet, and oh my, I’m a complete fan of the place all over again. They have a lot of new additions to the menu in Delhi, and they’re all outstanding!

The place is done in very bright interiors, with the highlight of the d├ęcor being huge bells hanging from the ceiling in the middle of the restaurant. A lavish bar counter on one side for making mocktails (they don’t serve liquor) with such cute artefacts on different shelves- brings out the fun factor in the place and totally gives it a relaxed feel. Every table is set with 4 dips and small kettle. The seating is a mix of sofas and cushioned chairs- as vibrant and beautiful as they could keep it.

We started the meal with two soups- Samuza Hincho (Samosa Soup) and Tohu Hincho (Bean Curd Soup). I preferred the Samuza Soup. A very pungent yummy taste with a kick in the end. Tomato based with a samosa dunked inside the soup. The broth was really really delicious. The Bean Curd soup had a thicker consistency with tofu small diced pieces of tofu.

Tea Leaf Salad
Burma Burma has a salad sampler that everyone should definitely order here! It’s better than ordering just one. Try all three and be blown away! There are three salads in this- Raw Mango Salad, Tea Leaf Salad and Sunflower Leaves & Crispy Wheat Flakes Salads. All three salads were mind-blowing, hence I say order the platter. But the Tea Leaf Salad is my absolute favourite because I’ve never had anything like this before. The dressing in the salad is made of parsley and tea leaves churned together, with tomatoes, different kinds of lettuce, and a slightly sour acidic flavour. The BEST salad on the menu! The Raw Mango Salad was not far behind. Extremely fresh, this was a take on raw papaya but way more delicious than that with onions and cabbage. Many on the table chose the Sunflower Leaves & Crispy Wheat Flakes Salad as their favourite, and it was one creative salad I’ve had! Onions, cherry tomatoes, green bell peppers, different leaves, wheat flakes for the crunch, and a gorgeous presentation! One thing the salads had in common, which is very essential too, was the freshness of the ingredients. You will simply love it!

In appetizers I tried their Tohu Mash with Palata, Brown Onion and Roasted Chilly Steamed Buns, and BBQ Vegetables. The Tohu Mash is one of the most incredible vegetarian dishes you will have- here at the restaurant, and anywhere else too. A mash, as the name suggests, made of different veggies, very humble but very delicious, served with palata which, for the ease of understanding, is a flaky Malabar parantha. Absolutely kickass stuff- a must order here. A very filling dish too. The Brown Onion and Roasted Chilly Steamed Buns are my favourite thing on the menu. The dish is self-explanatory, but you can’t even imagine how good the caramelised onions inside taste. It’s a dish that can melt in the mouth because of how soft the steamed buns are. It’s a burst of flavours in the mouth, with spiciness of course. You can just not miss out on this!! The BBQ Vegetables are really flavourful and soft, but if you’re torn up between ordering this or the other two appetizers, you can let this pass.

Brown Onion and Roasted Chilly Steamed Buns
Coconut Rice with Peanut Chutney
Main course is quite a humble affaire! Coconut Rice with Peanut Chutney is a very subtly spiced dish- one for those who want a light dish, not too heavy on the stomach. The Burmese Fried Rice with Spicy Veg Curry is too good. It has a beautiful balance of flavours and the curry takes the otherwise mildly spiced rice to a whole new level with its taste. The curry isn’t heavy or spicy, it’s flavourful, it brings out the taste in the rice better. The best and the most soul-satisfying main course for me was the Shwedagon Khowsuey which is famous in the Shang region. It has a different take on the Oh No Khowsuey which is the classic version of the dish at Burma Burma. Thicker in consistency, less soupy, with thick coconut curry and tomato curry in it.

Shwedagon Khowsuey

Desserts were a mixed reaction for me. The place does complete justice to Burmese food and hence the desserts show the same honesty in them. Tried four desserts out of which I loved two, but can pass the other two. The two that I can pass are hardcore Thai stuff- Burmese Heart Cooler, which was a milk based dessert with coconut jellies in it. Came with a slice of cake. I’ve never developed the taste for it even though I’ve tried it multiple times. Some people on the table polished off 2-3 portions of these, so you may like it too. Tagu Piyan was a coconut custard with blueberries inside it. The custard had no taste, no flavour, no sweetness. The texture was undoubtedly beautiful. The two desserts that I loved were the Durian Icecream and Smokey Avocado and Honey Icecream. Durian is a fruit that has such a pungent smell and taste when in its raw form that it’s banned in a few countries. The version here was a very mild version of Durian but oh my, what a superb taste! The Smokey Avocado and Honey Icecream was even better than the Durian Icecream. Had lemongrass smoke for a little drama element. Creamy yummy icecream flavoured with such outstanding ingredients!

Smokey Avocado and Honey Icecream

Burma Burma, for me, hands down has the best list of mocktails in the city right now. Absolutely unparalleled stuff! Their drinks are refreshing like you can’t even imagine. Not even one drink is excessively sweet- it’s just right. Order any and you will love it. Burmese Blossom is a watermelon juice based drink with cranberry juice too- a completely juice based drink. Oh No Tamarind is the perfect choice for tamarind lovers, but also for people who like a little sour element in their drink. So well balanced. The Kaffir Lime Cooler and Lemongrass Cooler both are on the same level for me. So so refreshing! But my most favourite is the Pomegranate and Mandarin Spritzer. Fresh ingredients muddled together and the best kind of spritzer you can get!

Burma Burma is also a tearoom, and their huge variety of teas will excite you no end! Such exquisite flavours and such a cute presentation. Tried their lavender based green tea and even if I’m just craving some brilliant green tea, and in no mood for food, I will still cover the distance from Delhi to Gurgaona and pay a visit to Burma Burma for their teas. They’re that good! And that cute little timer for the tea to brew!

The presentation here is really good, the staff is well-versed with the ingredients and menu and also well-equipped to help you with their suggestions. The pricing is not at all expensive- you get value for every buck that you pay. The place fills all the boxes that a mind-blowing place should have, not forgetting that it’s a vegetarian place. You wouldn’t miss your chicken and prawns even for a minute, the veg food will take you by surprise and you will definitely come back for more. So no, the place is not just for the vegetarians. One of the finest places that have opened up recently and it’s already receiving praises from everyone. Must must try!

Address: Ground Floor, Shop 6, Building 8, Tower C, Cyber Hub, DLF Cyber City, Gurgaon
Contact: 01130806368
Timings: 12 Noon to 3:30PM, 7PM to 11PM

Disclaimer: The review was done on an invitation from the restaurant. All views expressed are unbiased in nature but readers are advised to exercise their own discretion.

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