30 June 2016

New In Town: Ottimo At West View, ITC Maurya- Luxury Dining At Its Best

ITC gets one of its most coveted restaurant properties to Delhi after establishing a fine name for itself in Bangalore and Chennai. Ottimo, the famous ITC Italian restaurant, comes to West View at ITC Maurya. Named ‘Ottimo at West View’ everywhere, the place now houses both European and Italian. So diners get to choose from each cuisine and get the best of both worlds too.

The place has been redone and it looks so so magnificent! The alfresco seating overlooks a beautiful panoramic view of the city, with a nice dim lighting, a stone pizza oven where you can see your pizzas getting made, and a herb garden (yes, they have their own herb garden). The indoors are more formal and the beautiful chandelier in the centre of the room instantly grabs your attention. Hangs right above the community table where big groups can choose to dine. If not that, the restaurant encourages solo diners to dine at that table and mingle with the other diners there. How nice is that!

Chef Vittorio Greco brings an extremely fine menu to the restaurant, and with his expertise and skill, people can only leave in praises and awe. Tried their pizzas with a combination of toppings. Really good pizzas, and some wine to go with it- what more do you want with such a stunning view of the city in front of you.

We were served a bread basket with two superb dips to go with. And then we started with the courses. The first course was Antipasti- Lobster Salad with vanilla pineapple, mustard coulis and avocado reduction. Now you read that again and tell me what’s not to like in this. You have a delicious balance of sweetness and saltiness, the vanilla pineapple was brilliant, and the lobster was so tender. With cherry tomatoes and some greens, this also had a freshness factor to it. Amazing stuff! What came next was even better- a Parmigiano reggiano soup. I mean really! A Parmesan soup that was surprisingly not at all heavy. An outstanding soup! Had some truffle oil in it, a nice crisp bread on the side, and I could finish off my bowl within no time. Excellent flavours and something very unique.

The Tortellini with butter and anchiovies with cauliflower puree was a complete treat, just like the other courses. Stuffed with chicken and served on a bed on cauliflower puree which was the best part of the dish! A very fine textured thick puree of cauliflower- beautiful stuff!

For mains I tried the Slow Cooked Pork Belly wine reduction and crackling powder. The pork belly was to die for!! A gorgeous gorgeous dish! The pork belly was so so tender, that you just didn’t want to stop eating it. Came with beans, snow peas and roasted potatoes, and the pork was served with a red wine reduction which added so much flavour to the pork.

Dessert was a lavish affaire! Pannacotta, Tiramisu and Lemon Mousse. The Pannacotta came in a huge plate with fruit carpaccio of three different flavours- Raspberry, Mango and Kiwi. Mango stole my heart here. A very light dessert, not heavy and overly sweet, but so good. It’s just what you need when you have your stomach full but still crave something sweet. The Tiramisu was par excellence. The espresso in this stood out and totally had me smitten by the dessert. Their Tiramisu comes with three pieces of different kinds of chocolates. Enjoy a complete platter in itself- that’s what it is. The Lemon Mousse was a dish that both looked extremely appealing and tasted like Christmas with that blueberry compote in your mouth. The dessert had crunch, it had saltiness, it had sweetness, it had a great balance, it had a soft texture, a crisp texture, a grainy texture. It was simply mind-blowing! I would say you shouldn’t miss out on any of their desserts! But if you have to choose one, go with what you like, because all desserts are excellent.

Tried their house specialty cocktails, and oh my, what brilliant cocktails they do! Sandeep Seth, our bartender, ensured he gave us something new in every cocktail. The Kiwi and Apple Martini was my mom’s favourite. Kiwi churned and made into a fine texture with apple in it too. Watermelon and Mint Martini- what’s not to love in this? The mint was terrific (remember their herb garden?) and the fresh watermelon tasted so refreshing. Cosmopolitan with a twist- where the bartender took a twist on the classic cosmo with fresh mint in it. Tasted delicious! The Rose Apple Martini was an experience for me, not just a cocktail. The drink came with a rose on the side. How cute is that! An extremely extremely sweet gesture. The drinks were potent and smacking.


The choose your own meat option still remains at West View, but you now also have Italian dishes to woo the customers here. Ottimo has proved to have an absolutely delightful menu that tastes so fine! The dishes are plated beautifully, they taste insane, the service is exceptional, you get dishes you will hardly find elsewhere in Delhi, and you truly get an unparalleled experience.

Go hit Ottimo soon- celebrate your special day at this place, come here for a romantic date and enjoy the alfresco vibe, or just go for a fine dining outing to try this new opening in Delhi. Ottimo is sure to blow your mind! Luxury defined in every way possible.

Dinner (daily): 7PM to 11 30PM
Sunday Brunch: 12 30PM to 3 30PM
Contact: 01126112233
Address: ITC Maurya, Diplomatic Enclave, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi

Disclaimer: The review was done on an invitation from the restaurant. All views expressed are unbiased in nature but readers are advised to exercise their own discretion.

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