12 June 2016

The Spritzer Diaries: Chandon's 8 amazing Sparkling Wine Cocktail recipes!

Chandon with its two superb variants of Sparkling Wine- Chandon Brut and Chandon Rosé, comes out with 8 delicious recipes of sparkling wine cocktails/spritzers to beat the heat. These sparkling wines coming from the house of Moët & Chandon are a treat by themselves too, with only a few cubes of ice and some pretty damn good sparkling wine, but Chandon didn’t stop just there. They’ve brought us fun and taste with these spritzers.

These recipes are available on the website, and they’re so easy to make that you’ll be surprised. Chandon claims you can make these spritzers in only 15 seconds, and a claim well made. You really need only 15 seconds to make them, they’re that easy.

Chandon held an event at Perch in Vasant Vihar where they showcased these spritzer recipes and indulged in an evening full of chatter, sparkling wine and great company. Chandon’s brand ambassador and the person behind these recipes, Rohan Jelkie, took us step by step through the recipes. The golden rule for having your perfect Chandon spritzer is to have an ice cold chilled Chandon!

We started off with the Chandon Elderflower Spritz that was made using Chandon Brut. Chandon Brut has a more lemon-y refreshing fruity flavour to it. This was my most favourite recipe of the evening. Outstanding flavour of elderflower shining through this cocktail! The recipe:

1. Add 3-4 ice cubes to your goblet (the most important step)
2. Pour a little concentrated elderflower syrup (around 10-15ml, depending on your taste) to the goblet and add a little Chandon (about a sip) and stir it.
3. Add 2-3 slices of oranges and 2-3 slices of cucumber
4. Top it up with Chandon Brut and fill the glass. Give it a nice stir then.Enjoy your insane spritzer!

We then tried the Berry Burst Spritz with Chandon Rosé. Chandon Rosé has hints of fresh strawberry, rose petals and raspberry. It tastes just like what these ingredients taste, but a very subtle version of those added on with heaps on freshness. The recipe:

1. Add ice cubes to your glass
2. Pour a little Strawberry Monin syrup (10-15ml) and add a little Chandon to it. Stir
3. Add fresh sliced strawberries
4. Top up your glass with Chandon RoseThe amazing concoction of a spritzer with strawberries. It was simply beautiful!

Rohan made another spritzer for us- Chandon Summer (with lemon and sage leaves) later in the evening, and talked to us about the other recipes they’ve come out with. The one with Aam Panna sounded the most interesting to me, but a Shikanji Spritzer, or one with adding some orange juice and mint leaves, some passionfruit, some yummy melon, lime for the yummy punch- all recipes are really refreshing and truly sensational in taste! A sparkling wine that tastes superb by itself, produces kickass cocktails when mixed with other ingredients, doesn’t surprise me.

Chandon now has the supply of Brut and Rosé in 22 cities across India, so it’s damn easy for you to get your hands on one bottle and try it now!! Try the sparkling wines first with just ice and then in these amazing easy recipes. For every bottle of Chandon that you purchase, you get one flute free. So start making your collection and get your hands on all the colours.

For someone who likes to have a yummy refreshing drink at home, Chandon makes it extremely easy for you. Serve it up in parties, make them when you're chilling alone, enjoy them at brunches and dinners, have it as a drink after work- they taste delicious and you will fall in love with them!

The sparkling wine served chilled tastes heavenly! But they found a brand loyalist in me when they mixed my Chandon Brut with elderflower. Time to get quirky and make my own recipes too!! Try these recipes and I guarantee you will love them. Simple yet delicious. You will find all the recipes here.

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