6 July 2016

Jaipur: A Delightful Experience at Okra- Jaipur Marriott Hotel, Tonk Road

Jaipur Marriott once again proves to me why I can blindly choose a Marriott brand wherever I go. On my recent weekend trip to Jaipur I went to Okra- Jaipur Marriott’s 24-hour coffee shop, also the restaurant that hosts buffet. Went in for their lunch buffet, and oh boy, was I in for a treat!

The restaurant is situated at the hotel’s lobby level, and a beautiful passage overlooking the pool area on one side leads you to it. Fine interiors, live buffet stations that make your senses get to work, Nice artefacts with signobaords on the walls, various kinds of seating to accommodate different groups, helpful staff and a lovely experience!

We started with their sushi- California Roll and Maki Roll with salmon, and a half n half pizza- pepperoni and chicken tikka with olives and jalapenos. Nice sushi- can’t believe Jaipur has such good sushi! The pizza made in a stone oven was too delicious. Crisp, full of cheese and some yummy toppings. They had a huge variety of salads, and all too fresh and not at all similar. The beetroot salad, capers salad, greek salad, fresh lettuce salad were all really nice.

There was a live wok counter where you could choose your noodles, protein, veggies and sauce. Got myself a noodle in hot garlic sauce with chicken and bell peppers. It was simply mind-blowing! Superb balance of flavours, and a wok to die for!! Okra’s other specialty, Jerk Chicken, was another such dish that you can just not get enough of. A South African dish, with spiced rice tossed with kidney beans, too good to resist. A must try when you’re here and definitely a winner considering it’s a part of the buffet and you can get unlimited helpings of their special dishes.

The Italian counter had a range of breads to choose from, and a DIY bruschetta. Chose some super fresh tomatoes, chopped and seasoned, drizzled with olive oil and you’re good to go! Didn’t expect it to taste so good and so fresh. The focaccia bread, baguette, choice of cheese, all made up for a very fine counter.

Main course saw me hogging on the Indian section like it was the end of the world. You’re in Jaipur and you see Laal Maas and Kadhi on the buffet. How can you not gobble up all the food you can manage after such a filling and superb meal? The Kadhi was like a dream- nothing like I’ve had in Delhi. Simply nothing. The Laal Maas- I’d visited a place the night before and that changed my entire family’s view of Laal Maas, it was that bad. Okra changed my opinion completely. Laal Maas with a punch of chilli but not chilli that will blow the lid off your head. Extremely flavourful- couldn’t stop polishing it all off with a beautiful Makke Ki Roti and Parantha on the side. Another dish worth an applaud is the Kadhai Paneer. A lot of North Indian restaurants are put to shame with this. Finger-licking good!

Dessert saw Banana Cake, Chocolate Brownie, Fresh Fruit Cake, Sago Pudding, and what not. All better than the previous one. There were a lot of sauces to pour over your cakes, and a lot of dry cake options too. But the dessert that stole my heart from the buffet was the Umali, which I was told is made from all the leftover bakery product of breakfast, mixed with oodles of butter and sugar, and made into this out-of-this-world kind of pudding. Never tasted anything like this on the buffets before. Exceptional stuff! Chef Alok Kumar was kind enough to make us try the Chocolate Dosa, a house specialty, which was a perfect example of how Jaipur is at part with the other cities in terms of their fusion food initiatives. A thin crisp dosa with chocolate sauce and brownie inside it, with some more chocolate sauce and chocolate chips on top. A wonderful balance of sweetness and saltiness. What a dessert!

We washed down our meal with a lemon and kaffir lime based vodka drink, and a Cosmopolitan- both pretty delicious in taste.

My experience at Okra was one that I didn’t expect to be sooo amazing. For anyone who’s visiting Jaipur and is looking for buffet/brunch options or even for a fantastic meal comprising of woks, Jerk Chicken and mind-blowing Indian, look no further. Okra at Jaipur Marriott is your go-to place. Plus seeing the pricing of their buffets, you cannot get a better deal than this!!!

Breakfast: Rs.867++
Lunch: Rs.1075++
Dinner: Rs.1434++

Timings: 24 hours
Contact: 0141 3319276
Address: Jaipur Marriott Hotel, Ashram Marg, Near Jawahar Circle, Tonk Road, Jaipur

Disclaimer: The review was done on an invitation from the restaurant. All views expressed are unbiased in nature but readers are advised to exercise their own discretion.

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