14 July 2016

New In Town: Bunmanchi by Yeti- The Rooftop Bar

Bunmanchi is the new kid in town, the bar at Yeti, the rooftop bar at Yeti, whatever you call it. Located in the GK 2 M-Block Market, on the floor above Yeti. A cluster of lamps hanging down in a row, wooden high chairs and tables, comfortable sofa seating, a long lit up bar, a rustic feel to the place, Bunmanchi exuberates a relaxed feel.

They have quite an extensive list of cocktails to choose from, and a wide variety at that. And their food menu is limited only to a few favourites from Yeti- some appetizers and nibblers. I tried their Yeti Iced Tea, Mimosa, Strawberry Collins and Cosmopolitan. The Yeti Iced Tea is my favourite of the lot. Gin, Bacardi, Vodka, Cointreau with fresh lime juice and pineapple juice. It’s then topped with sparkling wine- my favourite part of the drink. Damn nice this one is.

The Strawberry Collins is a completely yummy drink if sweet and strawberry is your thing. The classics are good as well, nothing out of this world.

Their menu comprises of veg and non veg momos, veg and non veg platters, some non vegetarian appetisers and 2-3 veg appetisers. I tried the non veg momos and they tasted juicy and flavourful. Not a thick coating of maida on them and the accompanying chilli sauce was just right- not as spicy as it could burn your tongue and throat. Nice and yummy. The Buff Chilli isn’t anything to write home about. Chicken Peanut and Pepper is my favourite dish from the menu- spicy, delicious, flavourful, with a lot of other spices as well, bell peppers and peanuts. A must order!

The vegetarians will like Piro Aloo. Boiled potatoes coated in a slightly spicy thick masala. I loved this one! It’s a dish that’s going to be liked by everyone. The Yeti Veg Platter consisted of Wai Wai Sadeko, Bhuteko Chana and another potato based appetizer. This is a platter to munch on while you sip on your drinks. It’s light on the stomach, it’s a nibbler, a ‘chakna’ in the true sense of the word. The wai wai has a nice twist to it with tomatoes and onions, the chana is spicy and lemony, and the potatoes are delicious and not at all spicy.

The Yeti Non Veg Platter is loaded! You find Buff Chilli, Spicy Fried Chicken, another chicken based dish and Yeti Sausages. The sausages were the best part of the platter for me! Their sausages are something else altogether! Super super juicy, with a paper-thin coating outside. They’re fried and a little heavy, but they’re a league apart.

The food on the whole is nice. It’s comfort food that’s served piping hot, has a lot of spiciness associated with dishes, a lot of flavour associated with the rest. It isn’t out of this world, but then the place is known for its relaxed bar and the chilled out vibe. What I have a major major issue is with their service. The tables weren’t getting cleared, food was initially coming on time but later on it took 40-45 minutes. There was nobody to give cutlery on the table. The table was in a complete mess and we even spilled the dips once. The bartender was all over the place because he was bombarded with drinks orders and he was the only one managing the bar. A drink, he said, would take 15 minutes, because there were a lot of pending orders then. And I don’t blame the bartender for this. The manager was only standing in the corner and ordering his staff around. The place is definitely understaffed, and maybe it all became worse because it was a food event, and everyone was asking for food and drinks at the same time. The place had reached full capacity and it was becoming extremely difficult for the staff to juggle between tables. Guess they’ll become better with time and experience. But I’ll definitely go to Bunmanchi again and experience the service. This one time they deserve a benefit of doubt because everyone wants to try everything at the same time at a food blogger event and the place is at a disadvantage then.

I’m looking forward to going to Bunmanchi on one of these fine monsoon evenings and enjoying their Yeti Iced Tea with sheesha in one hand (yes, they have a huge variety of sheesha flavours) and my drink in the other. Will be a great experience with the calm and quiet.

Address: M-20, 3rd Floor, M Block Market, Greater Kailash 2, New Delhi
Timings: 6PM to 1AM
Contact: 01130806355

Disclaimer: The review was done on an invitation from the restaurant. All views expressed are unbiased in nature but readers are advised to exercise their own discretion.

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