25 August 2016

Barcelos in Hauz Khas Village Dishing Out Insane Food!

One of the finest restaurants in Hauz Khas Village, and easily a place that has every dish on the menu only to impress. Barcelos came as a breath of fresh air to the usual eating out scene in Delhi, but it's sad people don't go crazy over it like they do for other places. The food deserves only an applause. 

The place is a little dim-lit but is very spacious. The lights are better during the day; at night they become dimmer. With a combination of sofa seating and high chairs and tables, with very bright pictures on the wall and a rustic brick look, it's the perfect setting for a casual dining place. 

I started with the Peri Peri Quarter Chicken and Chicken Sizzler with Hummus. The chicken in the Peri Peri Chicken was Veri Peri flavour. Perfectly charred on the edges, a nice yummy skin on it, and was lathered with an outstanding peri peri sauce. There was nothing lacking in the chicken- it was superlative! The Chicken Sizzler was milder with the flavours but still bang on right. Crunchy fresh veggies, chicken on a bed of rice and a delicious hummus on the side. Came with lovely golden potato wedges and a dip. The sizzler is a meal in itself. The rice and chicken blend so well together, and the vegetables are to die for! 

The 3 mini chicken wrap platter- Red (Redy Chicken), Green (Cheesy Chicken) and Yellow (Chicken in Portugese Style) is a perfect option for someone who wants to try all three wraps. Blissful taste of all three! My favourite was chicken in Portugese style, but the other two were brilliant as well. Chicken, cheese, different sauces in each, vegtables, a superb tasting taco- amazing stuff. The colour of the tacos wasn't done with artificial colouring, but with ingredients like beetroot and spinach. Came with fries and two dips that were the perfect accompaniments. 

Red Burger and Black Burger: I took the sliders, where I could choose the patty that I wanted. Took chicken and lamb options, and cannot describe how flavourful and juicy the patties were. The burgers were damn soft, the patty was incredibly juicy (specially the lamb), the sauces inside were superb. Mouth-watering good!

Finished off my meal with Salted Caramel Fondant that came with vanilla icecream. I wanted to try the red velvet flavour but that wasn't available. I'm going to go back to try the red velvet fondant now, after trying the salted caramel. Insanely delicious! The exterior was a thick salted caramel cake, which when broken into, has a hot yummy salty caramel from inside. Delicious to the core! Cutting the hot salted caramel with the cold vanilla icecream.

Had the Kiwi Kooler, Peachy Iced Tea and Ferrero Rocher Shake with my food. The Kiwi Kooler had a yummy minty flavour with kiwi crushed. The Peachy Iced Tea was a show in itself. Bubbling because of the concept of molecular drinks applied to this one, the peachy iced tea did complete justice to the taste too. The Ferrero Rocher Shake wasn't mind-blowing, but was nice.

Their staff is a little weird. A few are sweet and helpful, but because I had gone for a review I could see them talking amongst themselves and looking at me again and again, which was pretty weird. The food is par excellence! I can go again and again to Barcelos to their food- it's delicious without any nonsense done to the dishes. Just great tasting food that fills your heart with joy. Must must try for all!

Address: 1st Floor, Building 2, Hauz Khas Village, New Delhi
Timings: 11AM to 1AM
Contact: 011 41556599, +91 9818103199

Disclaimer: The review was done on an invitation from the restaurant. All views expressed are unbiased in nature but readers are advised to exercise their own discretion.

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