11 September 2016

Jashn-e-Fateh at Singh Sahib, Eros Hotel, Nehru Place

Singh Sahib, the Indian restaurant at Eros Hotel, Nehru Place has an incredible food festival going on, called Jashn-e-Fateh. The festival showcases food from three three states where Sardar Hari Singh Nalwa, the Commander-in-chief of the Sikh Empire, conquered and ruled. These three states are Haripur, Peshawar and Kashmir, where he served as a governor. Eros Hotel showcases a lavish buffet spread with live stations churning out delicious dishes from Sardar Hari Singh Nalwa's rule, dishes that were prepared as a part of the feast whenever the empire conquered and won a battle. 

The festival is done so tastefully, the research around it is so spot-on, that diners like me are in awe while hearing stories about that era.  Food always tastes better when you know the stories behind it. Story-telling is a part of enjoying your food, is something I have always believed in, and Eros Hotel does a phenomenal job of creating that experience for me. The festival is only on till today, so make your reservations soon and head there today.

The restaurant has live counters from each of these three states, and a buffet section with everything in one place. I started off with the Haripur counter where food was cooked in an earthen ware pot, over fire that was created in a wood fire with clay- exactly how food was cooked in Haripur in the 1800s. Katwa Gosht was the dish prepared here, and there were different sizes of the earthen pot, each to cook the meat for different number of hours. Katwa Gosht was lamb cooked for 12 hours by the restaurant and served in thin curry stewed with all the flavour from the lamb. Khamiri roti is broken into pieces, and on that is poured the lamb curry and lamb chunks. What you have in this bowl is a meal in itself. You enjoy it with a spoon to bite into the lamb that's so soft, the roti dipped and drenched in the yummy curry, and you eating spoonfuls of everything together. What brilliant delicious comfort food.

The Kashmir live counter had Kulcha Kalahrhi. Kalahrhi is a kind of cheese that's only available in Kashmir and has to be provured from there. That is what makes the kulcha so special. The kulcha is put on a pan to make it slightly golden, is stuffed with tomatoes, onions and coriander, layered with kalahrhi cheese and served with some kickass chhole. 

We then moved to the Peshawar live counter which had all the grills and tandoor. Namak Mandi was a very famous food street in Peshawar during that time, and all the food in this section revolves around the food you got at Namak Mandi. Murgh Sajji and Gosht Chaap in non vegetarian, and Namak Mandi Paneer Tikka and Surkh Mushroom in vegetarian. The Murgh Sajji is cooked in spices which are a little mild and not spicy, and then cooked in the sigree to a juicy yummy perfection. The gosht chaap is made of baby lamb rack and has bangs and bangs of flavour in it. Coated is a thick masala that's just flawless, it's one dish I took several repeats of. Paneer Tikka and Surkh Mushroom were an equally delicious job done by them. Soft and juicy, the appetizers were very soft, juicy and a lovely amalgamation of flavours. The restaurant is also doing a version of the lamb that was only spiced with salt, and no other seasoning. It wasn't a part of the menu officially, but they were still going to guests and asking them if they would like to try something like this, something not spicy and full of masalas. When I tried this lamb grilled on a sigree, all I could say was 'wow'! So juicy, such a lovely flavour, and so hard to believe all this magic was only from the use of salt and nothing else with it. You must ask them for this lamb if you go for the festival. We also had Tali Machhi. The Fish Fry had such a mouth-watering crisp exterior around that yummy salty soft fish.

The buffet has influences from Sialkot, Multan, Attock, Peshawar, Kashmir, Jamrud and Kasor. Tried Chicken Handi, Rajmah and Kasuri Paneer Malai. The gravy of the Chicken Handi was thick and salty, made with tomato. Just the right seasoning of spices in it. The Rajmah were so delicious and not overpowering with masalas- so good with the rice. The paneer's curry was made of onions and capsicum tossed in a thick gravy. Slightly sweet because of the onions and slightly salty because of the tomato gravy, and so so delicious in taste. Devoured some of this with that subtle-flavoured Gosht Pulao and the rest with some crisp breads. 

Desserts were another affaire completely at par with the rest of the food. The Seviyaan, Chukundar ka halwa (what excellent flavours and texture), the soft yummy burfis and nankhatai. Only the fruit custard was a little too sweet. 

There's nothing in this festival that won't amaze you and your taste buds. Food that's packed with flavour and a beautiful history behind it. Deliciousness in every dish, you shouldn't miss this festival!

Address: Eros Hotel, Nehru Place
Contact: 01141223344

Timings: 12 Noon to 2:45PM, 7:45PM to 11PM

Disclaimer: The review was done on an invitation from the restaurant. All views expressed are unbiased in nature but readers are advised to exercise their own discretion.

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