16 November 2016

Chef Suprabhath Roychowdhury joins as the new Executive Chef of Le Meridien Gurgaon

Le Meridien Gurgaon undergoes an interesting change in its management- the appointment of its new Executive Chef, Suprabhath Roychowdhury. Chef Suprabhath after a very long time as the Chef at Eros Hotel Nehru Place, now takes on the mantle at Le Meridien Gurgaon, and is already looking at new changes to be made in the menu.

With the aim of making Latest Recipe, Le Meridien’s twenty-four hour coffee shop that also serves buffet in all meals, the hotel’s go-to Indian restaurant, Chef Suprabhath looks at making a creative change in the menu with his new additions that revolve around progressive modern Indian cooking. With a mix of light healthy dishes and rich aromatic Indian dishes, his use of the varied ingredients in the new menu makes Le Meridien a very desirable and favourable option for people of all food preferences.

Recently had the chance of tasting some of the dishes that will be added to the new menu, and I was blown away by the creativity and diverse  flavours used in them. Mulligatawny Soup, a soup that’s very famous in India and made in a lot of Indian households, with a delicious twist to it. A lentil based soup, it also had touches of coconut with some curry leaves for the aroma and flavour, and what you have is a sumptuous soup that’s slightly thick in consistency and very high on nutrients. It is usually served with biscotti but Chef Suprabhath replaced the biscotti with a miniature dosa which was just as delicious as the soup. What an impressive looking dish! 

A Tuna Salad but with so many elements in it is a sure shot winner with the taste and presentation. Cured tuna with shaved coconut, avocado salad, micro greens, and my most favourite component- watermelon jelly with chilli mayo dressing. A salad served chilled, tastes so so fresh, and the balance of different flavour profiles with so many textures creates magic! Once the menu is launched, you guys must try this salad to know what I’m talking about. Brilliant stuff!

Chef is doing an excellent reincarnation of Pulled Lamb Tacos with a twist of Kachumber Salad and Mint Foam. The mint foam that's in the form of a frozen ball, is so refreshing that it gives the dish a very balanced new edge. Completely changes the game when you try the tacos with and without it. The tacos are beautifully made, with the lamb melting in your mouth (that’s what a pulled lamb should do). The use of slightly spicy and flavourful masalas in the thick mix with the lamb makes you go wow. I’d say have all the components together- the tacos, salad and the mint foam. That’s when you get the amalgamation of all the flavours and are able to see why each component is there on the plate. Plus the plating is beautiful!

But if I thought it couldn’t get better than this, I had to wait for the Smoked Butter Chicken with Garlic and Rosemary Naan. The butter chicken served in a sealed container was done so to retain the smokiness. With a cute little naan sitting atop the container, they make an extra effort to make the presentation quirky. The moment you open the lid, you smell the smoky flavour mixed with the aroma of butter chicken, and it’s just amazing! Such juicy succulent pieces of boneless chicken in that delicious makhni gravy, with a naan that complements it perfectly. Amazing!

There are a lot of other dishes that will be introduced in the menu and this was just a sneak peak. I wait eagerly to see what else Chef Suprabhath introduces in a menu that looks to be very promising. Watch this space for more!

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