13 November 2016

Fratelli's Sangiovese Wine-Paired Dinner at Pullman New Delhi Aerocity

Pluck & Pling at Pullman New Delhi Aerocity and Fratelli Vineyards with Sommelier Magandeep Singh recently had a Fratelli Sangiovese wine paired seven-course dinner with Fratelli's five different kinds of Sangiovese range of wines. The menu was Modern Indian and the wines showed how they could be paired beautifully with such food. The Sangiovese range of Fratelli comes from a grape that's originally famous for making wines out of in Tuscany, but Fratelli is doing these wines in Akluj, Maharashtra, where its vineyards are.

We started our meal with the amuse bouche- Malai Broccoli with Goat Cheese Mousse, on a Cumin cracker. Moved on to the appetizer which was a Curry leaf dusted cottage cheese, textures of cauliflower, Fennel and orange quinoa salad. Beautifully flavoured. Soft stacks of paneer coated in spices, with some cauliflower on the side and a lovely balanced fennel and quinoa salad with orange. The sweetness from the oranges gave the dish a yummy edge. These two courses were paired with Sangiovese Bianco and MS Red Sangiovese Blend. The bianco was a white wine, made with the same grapes that are used for the red but has very little contact witht he skin. A very mild wine with very fresh and vibrant flavours. Can be paired with anything.  The MS Red was a smooth fuller red wine, really delicious with the slight spicy tinge and fruity flavours. The M in the wine stands for Masi from Piero Masi, Fratelli's Chief Winemaker, and the S for Steven Spurrier, a man well known for his contribution to the world of wine, described as a champion of French wine.

The Tomato and Coriander Consomme was a very light soup with a dominant flavour of tomato. Clear in its look and very fine in its feel, it also had some greens for an added flavour. For entree we were served a gorgeous Charcoal fumed mushroom and sweet pepper ravioli. The dish came with a parmesan foam with slight touches of saffron coriander, but the dish thankfully focused on its core- the ravioli. Soft, flavourful, with a yummy flavour from the parmesan foam. The wine paired with these dishes was Classico Sangiovese. It was difficult for me to choose if this one was more delicious or MS Red, but I went with Classico in the end. A wine that had popular consensus, something that would please all kinds of wine lovers. This was more fruity in flavour without mixing in the spicy or smoky touches here. 

Sorbet was a nice Kala Khatta flavour, gearing us up for main course- a Pulled Tandoori Jackfruit Cannelloni which is a hit at Pullman. One of the most preferred dishes by guests who come to dine in here, this dish gets everything right. A hardcore delicious cannelloni with jackfruit that has been beautified to another level. Added the modern touch to it with a cheddar cheese sauce poured on top with roasted cumin in it. Lovely! Paired this with Vitae Sangiovese, which is a wine created by using grapes from a single vineyard, something started first in India by Fratelli.  The aromas and flavour of single vineyard wines are more complex. A very delicious wine, more fine-textured in taste and very aromatic. 

Dessert was a Berry parfait, almond crunch, raspberry sorbet. A beautiful-looking dessert but very sweet for my liking. It was so pretty that I just didn't want to dig into it. The texture was excellent, the colour were lovely, but too many sweet components, each with too much sweetness. The last wine we were served was Sette. Sette means seven in Italian. The wine is named after a dream that seven brothers of Fratelli had. The wine is made using the top 1% of grapes from Fratelli's vineyards. It's produced and then kept in French oak barrels for 14 months to mature. A wine that's a signature blend of Fratelli's winemaker Piero Masi, Sette has a nice vibrant taste to it with fruity notes and a balanced vanilla flavour. 

The Sangiovese range of Fratelli has some excellent options to choose from. The vibrancy of these wines lends itself to be paired with a lot of different dishes. The 'farm to table' concept of Pluck & Pling, that has this name because of the use of fresh ingredients from Pullman's herb garden, is a great example of how delicious food when paired with such good wine tastes even better. 

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