8 December 2016

New In Town: Thai House by Kylin taking the city by storm!

The brainchild of Chef Nikkhil Kanwar and Saurabh Khanijo, Thai House by Kylin located in GK 1 N Block is the latest entrant in the food scene in Delhi, and one that completely devotes its entire menu to Thai food. It introduces the people of Delhi to Thai food that's more than just Thai curries, Chicken Satay, and a few salads, and does so extremely extremely well! The restaurant that comes from the makers of Kylin in Vasant Kunj is here to stay and please all.

The place is spread across two floors, and has both outdoor and indoor seating. Comfortable sofas and chairs with lamps hanging on each table, yellow lighting dominating the scene and a decently sized place. The second floor of the restaurant is the terrace area. Beautiful and simply perfect for Delhi winters!

While we were waiting for our food we were served rice crackers to nibble on. I then started my meal with a soup- Mixed Seafood Coconut Soup. Light, very aromatic, a lot of different kind of seafood, and hardcore delicious. Do not miss this one! Followed this with Crab Cakes and Corn Patties which were similar in look and texture but different with the flavour. Served with a spicy tomato dip that was lent its sour taste to the appetizer. Minced Chicken Spicy Salad was made of very fine bits of chicken with onions, zucchini and some greens, and a slight chilli punch to it. A very refreshing salad- totally loved it! 

Starters were Ping Ngob- grilled fish in a red chilli paste wrapped around banana leaves. A great healthy option for fish lovers. Grilled butterfly prawns were huge in size, very juicy and tender, cooked absolutely perfectly, with a marination of garlic-y spicy sour mix. Break open the shell of the prawns and just dive into it. 

I'd say the starters were superb, but the main course was even more lip-smacking. You must must must try the Aromatic Thai Curry of chicken and baby potatoes, Stir Fried Morning Glory with chilli, pepper and garlic, and Stir fried Mixed Seafood in Chilli Jam. Mind-blowing three dishes! I'm going to keep going back for these over and over again. The thai curry is a yellow curry with tender chicken pieces and small boiled round potatoes. The curry is simply divine, there's no other way to describe it. Morning glory mixed with the three seasonings was so good, that I wiped the whole bowl Off. No kidding, I finished the entire dish because of how light, rich in nutrients and bloody good in taste it was. Another star of a dish was the Stir fried mixed seafood in chilli jam. Prawns, squid, fish, all tossed in a sir-fry which tasted slightly sweet and slightly salty, mostly sweet though, but with a brilliant balance of flavours. It's a dry main course dish that goes amazingly with both rice and noodles. The rice and noodle menu is another treat in itself- so much variety that you're seriously spoilt for choice. Tried the Spicy Jungle Curry of Lamb  and Stir fried Minced Chicken with chilli and holy basil too. The lamb curry had a thin consistency of the gravy with nice chunks of lamb, but it was nothing in front of the other main course dishes. The minced chicken was however better. Salty- went well with sticky jasmine rice and curry on top. I'm the kind of person who loves dry dishes with rice, so for me the minced chicken was good just with the rice too. Gorgous flavours with a lovely balance of chilli; not extremely spicy but you could sense the chilli really well.

I tried three out of the 2 out of the five-six mocktails they have and one iced tea from the beverage menu. The Jasmine Iced Tea (imagine!) doesn't need any description, it was just so so good and so refreshing! The other two mocktails were Thai Blossom and a name I can't recall. refreshing, fruity flavours, go by whatever flavour you feel like having that time and trust the server to make some suggestions as well.

Desserts were a drop-dead gorgeous affair! Thai House does a superb Chilli Chocolate Icecream which has Thai chilli and chilli flakes in it. It doesn't hit you with the chilli on the first bite but has an after-kick on the throat. I simply adoreddddd this creation! Thankfully, chilli took the center stage and the chocolate icecream complemented that beautifully, not the other way round. If you're looking for something creamy, have the Mango Mousse. The layer on top is superb with a shiny glazed layer of fine mango pulp, and underneath that sits a fine-textured mousse which is very light. 

The food is par excellence! Everything I tried was full of flavour, and by that I don't mean things were stuffed with spices unnecessarily. Thing that needed a lot of spice and flavour, had it, things that were meant to be flavourful yet subtle were like that. Chef Nikkhil was going to every table to ask his guests if the food was alright. A personal touch that takes a restaurant places. Everything was well cooked, ingredients sat beautifully with one another, and the quality of the meat and seafood was excellent! I'm so in love with the food that since the day I went here for dinner, I've been recommending this place to everyone who asked me for suggestions on a new place to eat out. And thankfully, all my friends who went here on my recommendation loved it too. Coming back super soon for that seafood in chilli jam, seafood coconut soup, crab cakes, aromatic thai curry, stir-fried morning glory, and oh my god, the list will just go on. A must try place!

Address: N-6, First Floor, Greater Kailash-1 N Block Market, New Delhi
Timings: 12:30PM to 12 Midnight

Disclaimer: The review was done on an invitation from the hotel. All views expressed are unbiased in nature but readers are advised to exercise their own discretion.

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