8 December 2016

Robert Giraud Wines come to India with Lake Forest Wines

Lake Forest Wines brings to its portfolio a new set of wines- Robert Giraud Wines! Lake Forest Wines is very well known in India for the various wines it markets and sells, and to add to its existing brilliant collection, you have Robert Giraud Wines bringing you a wide range of both red and white wines.

A chat with Neeraj Sachdeva, MD of Lakeforest Wines made me understand what the brand has in mind for the growing wine market in Delhi and for introducing Robert Giraud in a market where competition is slowly rising. Their main area of focus in education. Educating restaurateurs, servers, people selling wines, and anyone who has any contact with the end customer. Till the person selling the wine won’t know what goes into it and what food should be paired with what wine, the customer won’t know why a particular wine should be chosen at all. An extremely intelligent thing to do for a brand- educating the middleman. They also look at having various wine-paired dinners and wine events where people get more acquainted with wine and let go of their inhibitions about wine. 


John Lujan, the Export Director of Robert Giraud Winery is pleased to see the Indian market emerging as wine drinkers now, and welcoming foreign brands with a more open mind. He sees the subcontinent evolving and that’s what makes India a favourable option for them to launch into. A man who adores his wines and knows him by the back of his hand, John very kindly took me through the range of wines on display and urged me to try the Chateaux Tunnaret Merlot- fruity with a beautiful aftertaste. A wine that’s made from grapes that are harvested only once every year. What makes this wine special is that it is made in a limited capacity, so every bottle of Chateaux you open is one less Chateaux in the world. Cepages Merlot, a full bodied wine that’s loved mostly by all, was superb with the rich ripe fruits in it, and a hint of oriental spices. Aromatic and so good. The Sauvignon Blanc and Baron de Vassal Blanc make them both a very favourable choice for white wine lovers. The latter had 50% sauvignon blanc and 50% Semillon. Comes from the Bordeaux district and has quite a distinctive smooth sharp taste. 


Robert Giraud has a lot of options to choose from, and some of the wines are truly delicious in taste. Can’t wait to see how they well churn out to be in the Indian market, and specially in the food pairing scene.

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