21 December 2016

The People & Co., DLF Cyber Hub, Gurgaon

Coming from the same people as Canvas Laugh Club in Mumbai, The People & Co. in Cyber Hub, Gurgaon is a bigger version of Canvas. A restaurant, a bar and a stand-up comedy place, all under one roof, that's what you get in Gurgaon. Spread across a huge space, decor dominated by huge blown up pictures of artists, walls adorned with People & Co. logo, yellow and blue lighting dominating the place, it has a very energetic and fun vibe to it.

Plate is their all-day dining place, Public is the open space and bar, and Canvas is where the stand-up comedy acts take place. I started my evening by having two drinks at Play, Fiery Dawn and Twisted Mule. Both drinks were nice, but I wish the Fiery Dawn had a more chilli flavour in it from the green chilli. We ordered for Greek Feta and Baby Spinach Phyllo Rolls and Crispy Prawns in Burnt Garlic Butter. The Phyllo Rolls were made with excellent technique- the phyllo pastry was so thin and flaky! The stuffing of spinach and feta too was superb in taste. But the prawns were really bland. Dipping them in the butter garlic dip on the side was some solace but it wasn't as nice. We then took our food and drinks and moved to Canvas, where the stand-up acts happen. Canvas is made in a theatre-style seating, with the front portion of the hall made in a semi dining format. The seating of the dining place also face the stage, but they have tables between the chairs to accommodate food and drinks for people watching the show. You can order things before the show begins and the server gets it for you there, and you can then also order things during the show but be sensitive to the others watching the show and try not to disturb them. A service which isn't there in Canvas Mumbai and really takes into account the needs of its customers. An amazing show that almost made me fall off my chair. Delhi hardly has any places that focus on entertainment along with food and drinks, and what's better than having comedy treat your senses and please you. A must must go to place, Canvas!

While the show was on I ordered for Thai Chicken Dumpling with God's Very Own cocktail. Thai Chicken Dumpling again had the same issue- delicious and juicy in taste, but the coating of the dimsum was stuck to the bottom and came off the instant I tried to pick it up. Quite messy to it, and with all that coating falling off, it was no longer even a dimsum for me. God's Very Own was a white rum based cocktail with kokum, kaffir lime and lime juice. The drink was so sweet that I had to get it changed twice till it became somewhat fine. Also had to get more kaffir lime added as I couldn't taste any flavour of it in the drink.

Once the show got over we headed to Plate and ordered for drinks- 12 O'Clock, Sangria and Hybrid Theory. 12 O'Clock was a coriander liqueur based drink. A different drink with coriander in the raw form too. Their Red Wine Sangria was too potent and delicious in taste. For someone who likes their sangria strong, if you're visiting People & Co., you must give the sangria a try. Another different drink was Hybrid Theory with an apple liqueur in the base. The description said the liqueur was aromatic, and it really was. Quite a potent drink, this one too. For mains we had Lamb Galouti and Pasta in Pink Sauce with chicken. The Lamb Galouti was good in taste, but both the galouti and the mini ulte tawa ka parantha it came on were extremely oily. So oily that I could taste the oil in every bite. The texture was nice, the taste was nice, but the excessive oil content ruined it all. Pasta here is that one dish that I would definitely order again! A delightful pasta with a thick well-balanced sauce oozing saltiness and sweetness, creaminess and tanginess. 

The staff was really courteous, the place is really well made, the vibe is enjoyable and lovely, but they have a lot to work on for the food and drinks. Canvas really really deserves a visit. Not one in fact, it deserves several visits. Entertainment at its best!

Timings: 12 Noon to 12 Midnight
Contact: 0124 4141000, +91 7042913733
Address: Premises no. 5, Building 8, Tower B (Ground floor)
Disclaimer: The review was done on an invitation from the restaurant. All views expressed are unbiased in nature but readers are advised to exercise their own discretion.

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