9 December 2016

The Phenomenal Winter Brunch at K3, JW Marriott New Delhi

A Winter Brunch that stands unparalelled for me. Yes, that's right, I'm yet to experience a better winter brunch in Delhi NCR than the one K3 at JW Marriott Aerocity does. Live grills, multi-cuisine, fresh off the pan delicacies, steaming food on the shelves, puchkas with vodka, and bubbly/wine/cocktails to lift your spirits up. What more do you ask of a place on a lazy lavish Sunday?

Started off with salads and cold cuts. Seafood salads, fresh Caesar Salad tossed and mixed for you, a well-balanced Thai Chicken Salad, a wide array of cold cuts to cheese from, a cheese platter for nibbling on. Hummus, baba ganoush and tzatziki, fresh pita bread, dips and waldorf salad, carpaccio and lamb salad, grilled chicken salad, cold cuts of numerous kinds, variants of dips to go with them. Superb variety to choose from!

The Asian section had an array of starters which was superb as usual, and the most exciting bit from this section floored me once again- the dimsums! Chicken, prawns, crystal vegetable, mushrooms, all of these dimsums with a paper-thin coating on them, and 5-6 kinds of dips to choose from. And a mention of this section isn't complete without the pork and duck that tasted just brilliant!

The Italian section of this all-day restaurant is a real winner in all senses. The usuals like the lamb curry, lasagna which was coated in a thick yummy marinara sauce, mashed potatoes with parmesan that were so rich and delicious, and the grilled fish which was just so comforting, were all superlative as usual. But the stuffed pizza that they are doing is simply out of this world! Thin and crisp, stuffed with chicken, cheese and a tomato sauce. Delicate and so extraordinary. Chef whipped up a beautiful spaghetti which just made my afternoon. So flavourful!

Moving on the live stations, a Galouti Kebab to kill for. Served with a small ulte tawe ka parantha, the galouti just melted in the mouth and the superb flavour only made you go 'wow' several times over. If you think your afternoon is going too sober and you need some excitement, go for the vodka puchkas and see how you instantly buzz out of any kind of laziness or laidback behaviour that was following you for this brunch. So sharp and surprisingly, so good too! There was a sigree counter for you to choose your protein and get it done on the digree for the perfect Indian appetizers. Piping hot delicious Indian starters served on your table.

A live counter for seafood is just what a winter brunch calls for. Several marinations to choose from, namely spicy red, mustard, butter garlic, and more, and so many kinds of seafood options to choose from. Combine your seafood with your choice of marination and you'll be delighted to see what's on your table. I had surmai in red chilli paste and prawns in butter garlic- sheer brilliance is how I would describe it! A perfect char, such good marination, such juicy meats.

In case you find your street food cravings come alive seeing the various counters, you must go for the Pav Bhaji. It's just phenomenal! A little on the sour side, just how I like it, with chopped onions and tomatoes and the pav heated with butter.

A full exploration of any buffet for me is incomplete without raiding the Indian section. Prawn Masala, one of my favourite dishes at K3, was there that day. Imagine the glee on my face!! Biryani, Dal Makhni, Paneer Lababdar and Garlic Naan, with some rice and Mutton Rogan Josh. Now that's called a complete Indian meal. Delicious fare! 

K3, along with having the best winter brunch, is also the best buffet dessert place. Assorted muffins- red velvet, vanilla, chocolate, chocolate mousse, Indian mithai, fresh fruits, chouxbons, blueberry pie, fresh fruit tart, creme brulee, panacotta, cake, so many icecream flavours with add-ons, fresh crepes with choices of chocolate, honey, maple syrup and more. The things that I named must still not be 1/4th of the entire dessert menu. Each dessert is as beautiful in taste and as fine in texture as you can imagine. 

No brunch is complete without some bubbly, some sangria, some wine, basically some alcohol. There's a reason why a brunch is also called a drunch. There was a Hoegarden promotion going on at K3 on Sunday where they were making Hoegarden based cocktails. The sangria was amazing, as usual, and as were the other cocktails.

You should without a doubt choose K3 for your next Sunday Brunch scene! There's something for everyone here- hearty eaters, health-conscious people, Italian lovers, Indian lovers and brunch lovers in general too. There's live music to keep you entertained throughout and the band is bloody good! The place is buzzing with activity, both indoors and outdoors (they have a beautiful outdoor seating that's set in such a pretty set up), and the servers make sure you're never unattended. There's a separate section for the kids too so the parents can chill and eat at ease. A Sunday Brunch par excellence!

Timings:1230PM to 3:30PM
Address:JW Marriott New Delhi, Asset Area 4, Hospitality District, Aerocity, IGI Airport
Contact: 01133107567
2950++ with soft beverages
3200++ with hoegarden draught beer
3600++ with alcohol and sparkling wine
4250++ with champagne

Disclaimer: The review was done on an invitation from the restaurant. All views expressed are unbiased in nature but readers are advised to exercise their own discretion.

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