27 January 2017

8 Best Places In Amar Colony For The Foodie In You

Staying so close to Amar Colony, I've practically grown up eating the street food here. The place that now has a gazillion cafes to boast about, earlier only had impeccable street food joints. And most of them have stood the test of time and still continue to dish out exemplary stuff! The list below is in no particular order, but they're all majorly street food. No seating facility, no dine in, just head here and enjoy your food, standing in the narrow lanes, sitting on the pavement- that's what the essence of Amar Colony is. 

Plus, none of the places listed below need you to have more than 200 bucks in your pocket to visit them. Go explore!

1. Hunger Strike

The place needs no introduction! Tandoori Momos with a superb stuffing, lathered with their special creamy sauce filled with oodles of flavour! Mint chutney, red chilli sauce and mayo, and you're all set! Go here at any time of the day and you'll find the place full, but mornings and afternoons are slightly better. They might be famous for their tandoori momos but their Afghani Soya Chaap and Chicken Shawarma are things that I have here as often as I have the momos. 

Timings: 12 Noon to 11 PM
Home delivery: Yes
Location: In the middle lane of Amar Coloy

2. 34, Chowringhee Lane

Imagine a crisp flaky thick parantha, layered with sauces and onions, and rolled around a stuffing of spicy flavourful chicken tikka or paneer tikka (or anything else for that matter). One roll is enought to satiate your hunger, but maybe not for stuffing you. Opt for the roll with egg if you're a non vegetarian. Rolls here are pure bliss!

Timings: 10 AM to 11 PM
Home Delivery: Yes
Location: Right before Sharma Chaat Bhandaar

3. Sharma Chaat Bhandaar

Since my childhood we've known this place as 'Naale wale golgappe', simply because there's a 'naala' right next to it, but also because the place falls last in this list of unhygienic places in Amar Colony. But taking all this into consideration, I proudly say that neither I nor any of the people I know who eat from here, have ever fallen sick. So it can't be that bad, right? Gol Gappe to die for!! Crisp Aloo Tikki topped with chutneys and onions to kill for!! And Dahi Bhalle and Papdi Chaat with such chilled curd that you would swear by their stuff. I've grown up eating these and have very fond memories attached to this place. Trips to the tuitions were incomplete without stopping here every now and then for a plate of gol gappe and tikki being shared with a friend. What crazy chaat!

Timings: 12 Noon to 10 PM
Home Delivery: No
Location: In the small tiny lane to the left of Hunger Strike

4. Chocolate Desire

Waffles, crepes and pancakes that fulfill your every chocolate craving (with a few options like blueberry and strawberry too)! Choose the toppings you want in your base, choose what you want it to be topped with, and you're in for the best treat (specially waffles) in and around Lajpat Nagar. Affordable like anything and complete value for money, this place is going to be your regular haunt after your first visit. Incredible stuff!

Timings: 12 Noon to 11 PM
Home Delivery: No
Location: Right behind Hunger Strike, turn left from Aunty Momos and it's the second shop

5. Aunty Momos

Aunty Momos is your one-stop solution for Chinese snacking goodness in Amar Colony. Her momos are really famous, but a bite of the Spring Rolls and you'll know why they beat the momos hands down. Must also try the Honey Chilli Potatoes while you're at it. Typical Indianised Chinese food that makes your heart melt!!

Timings: 12 Noon to 10 PM
Home Delivery: No
Location: Walk straight from Chowringhee Lane towards a wall in front of you- it's the last shop on your right

6. Muttu South Indian Anna

A South Indian haven in the middle of a bustling market! Order any dosa off the menu and you'll be delighted! The idlis and vadas served piping hot with sambhar and chutney are like Christmas coming early for a South Indian food lover like me. A no-fuss seating outside the restaurant, so just finish your food and leave, as the waiting for a table can be quite a lot at times. 

Timings: 10 AM to 10 PM
Home Delivery: No
Location: Next to Juneja Sweets

7. Juneja Sweets

Want a more hygienic option than Sharma Chaat Bhandaar for your chaat cravings? Head to Juneja. They have two outlets in Amar Colony and both are bang opposite each other. The one next to Muttu Anna has crazy chilli paneer hot dogs, paneer kulcha, paneer kathi rolls and Chocolate Brownie with chocolate sauce, and the one across the road is where all the chaat items are. Beautiful stuff!

Timings: 7 AM to 10 30 PM
Home Delivery: No
Location: In the main Amar Colony market when you get out of the Hunger Strike lane

8. Biryani Corner

Biryani given by weight, made in huge matkas and served with a curry which is actually the gravy of Qorma that they also sell separately as a dish. A little too oily but so good, majorly because it's roadside stuff and not many places around do a decent biryani. The gravy alongside is spicy and I think that's what draws me towards this biryani each time. They have veg, chicken and mutton biryani and I'd suggest you stick to the chicken version.

Timings: 12 Noon to 10 PM
Home Delivery: Yes
Location: Diagonally opposite Hunger Strike

And while you're devouring the food at all these places, you have Depaul's for your cold coffee and soft drink fix, situated right next to Biryani Corner!

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20 January 2017

Guppy's Delicious New Winter Menu!

A place that needs no introduction, Guppy in Lodhi Colony is a class apart when it comes to Japanese food in Delhi. They don't just bring you the same food season after season, but keep bringing new dishes and continue to being the pioneers in introducing different Japanese flavour and dishes to the people of Delhi. Guppy has recently come out with their new menu and the dishes are very different from what you've tried there so far.  They have also kept their classic dishes intact in this menu, but have done a lot of new stuff as well.

Potet, Delhi's First Fries-Only Place!

Delhi gets its first fries-only place! Potet, which means potato, opened at The Junction on Aurobindo Marg almost a month back, and the place has been all over the internet ever since! The Junction is soon going to house a lot of interesting stuff which includes a cafe, a pizzeria, and so on, and Potet is the first place to have started operations there.

The place is situated on the ground floor and has tables laid outside for people to sit and enjoy their fries at. A cute little place with the walls adorned with everything fries, they have an open kitchen that lets you see how your food is being made and gives you the utmost satisfaction of a clean kitchen. 

12 January 2017

Sunday Brunch at Sorrento, Shangri-La's Eros Hotel

Set inside the beautiful Shangri-La's Eros Hotel, a hotel that has seen itself go through a major revamp in the last couple of years, is Sorrento, their Italian restaurant. Italian in the true sense, and not restricted to pastas and pizzas, Sorrento has some mean dishes up its sleeve, and the Sunday Brunch they do is a superb way to showcase their offerings. And their Sunday Brunch is what I experienced a while back. 

A spread that screams freshness and flavour- that's what the first look of their Sunday Brunch tells you. Comfortable cushioned chairs with tables laid inside the restaurant, and goregous setting with greenery, plants and wooden seating is what welcomes you in their outdoor seating. An overhead heater outdoors (what more do you need?), beautiful lush lawns in front of you, and the shining Sun to give you company. 

Italian is first eaten with your eyes, and then with your tastebuds. Going by this logic, the restaurant does complete justice with their attractive open kitchens doing grills and pastas, pizzas and breads, right in front of your eyes. You choose your protein standing in front of the open kitchen, choose the marination, and see your food getting prepared, or you do all this sitting at your table and the server gets the food for you. See the pastas being tossed in the pan or the pizas being dished out- it's a sight to soak in!

Cold cuts, an array of cheese, tapas counter, pasta and pizza on order, a bruschetta bar, salad bar, create your own salads, appetizers and grills on order, grills and appetizers served piping hot on your table, a live dessert buffet section, drinks coming uninterrupted- that's what sums up the Sunday Brunch at Sorrento. Oh, and not to forget, the stunning al fresco seating to enjoy the Sunday winter sun.

4 January 2017

The Droolworthy Winter Menu at Dhaba by Claridges

Dhaba by Claridges is one of those few names that come to your mind when you think of dining out for Indian food. It has created an unparalleled name for itself and the food does the talking. With multiple outlets spread across Delhi NCR now, you have typical Punjabi food made very accessible, and in a setting that's uver attractive and vibrant! Dhaba by Claridges has come out with their winter menu, and the comfort food that instantly warms your heart is simply to die for!

3 January 2017

The Masala Trail by Osama Jalali is here to stun you with their food!

A new addition to the bustling Janpath in Connaught Place, is The Masala Trail by Osama Jalali. What's so special about this place? It's a place that brings street food from all across India under one roof. No, we don't mean dosa idli and chhole bhature alone. We mean chaat from the streets of Benaras, food from the roads of Mysore, dishes from the homes of Bihar. We're talking about food you have most probably not tried before, but are getting to try every bit of the Indian street food at Masala Trail. Osama Jalali is a name that needs no introduction. A veteran in his field, Osama has known the heart and soul of Indian food and brought it to people in the most fine way possible. So when a place opens by him, you can blindly trust the flavours, the execution, the quality, the service, and everything that comes along with food. 

The New Menu at Zambar, a Coastal Haven

Zambar in Ambience Mall Gurgaon, a destination famous for its Coastal South Indian food, has undergone a change in its menu with major new additions under the guidance of their new chef, Chef Vetrimurugan Natesan. Chef was with Zambar a few years back, and he then moved on to other places, only to come back to Zambar with added years of experience and skill up his sleeve. He has made several additions to the menu and a lot of changes, and you'll see that if you've been to Zambar before. If you haven't, then you're just anyway going to love the food here!

From poppadums and appalams, and 4 different kinds of chutneys (coconut, coriander coconut, peanut and a red chilli based), different powders like gunpowder and curryleaf powder, they set the tone right for the meal ahead of us. We were first served with a Country Style Chicken Soup with Egg Drop. Homemade chicken broth with fried onions and a lovely aroma of pepper and stock combined. Comfort soup and a delicious one at that!