20 January 2017

Guppy's Delicious New Winter Menu!

A place that needs no introduction, Guppy in Lodhi Colony is a class apart when it comes to Japanese food in Delhi. They don't just bring you the same food season after season, but keep bringing new dishes and continue to being the pioneers in introducing different Japanese flavour and dishes to the people of Delhi. Guppy has recently come out with their new menu and the dishes are very different from what you've tried there so far.  They have also kept their classic dishes intact in this menu, but have done a lot of new stuff as well.

A winter menu cannot begin without a heartwarming soup. A very comforting Lobster and Seafood Soup Kaminabe with a broth-like consistency and lots of prawns, lobsters and fish alongwith veggies. The Guppy House Salad is a good option for people looking for something healthy, but more than that for someone who loves mustard. A sharp pungent taste of mustard which I simply adored! Palm hearts, beetroot, broccoli, micro greens and other vegetables served beautifully with a balanced mustard dressing that had an acidic punch to it. Slightly sweet too.

The Sushi Rice Crisp is a must order! Each sushi is fried and coated with crispy rice, with salmon, tuna and eel. Sushi that's full of bangs and bangs of flavour, and not subtle-flavoured that it is originally known to be. It's simply a burst of flavours, has a crunch, and tastes like a beauty! You should specially go to Guppy for this!! They're doing two different sushi in the winter menu- one was the sushi rice crisp and the other one was Battera Sushi, that Chef Vikram Khatri said no other place in Delhi is doing. Simply marvellous! Came in a square shape with beautifully cut salmon and tuna on it, topped with tobiko which was creamy in texture. The sushi itself was brilliant but the tobiko made it even better. Cannot miss out on it!!

If I thought the two sushi were the death of me, I was so wrong because I hadn't yet tasted the Slow-Cooked Tuna Steak. Hands down the best part of my meal! There are some dishes that just stun you with the perfection of flavours- this was one such dish for me. Tuna steak which was perfectly cooked, served in a panzu sauce which is dominantly made of soy sauce and is seasoned with other flavours, and a perfectly poached egg. Slivers of vegetables underneath the tuna, soaking in the panzu sauce, and the addition of oranges soaked in the sauce making the dish taste even better. It was just perfect! There was nothing lacking in it. Lovely flavours, the sauce binding everything together, delightful ingredients. I so wish they add this to their regular menu!!

The Lamb Toban Yaki was a dry main course dish which had the lamb slow-cooked till it was super soft. A subtle-flavoured dish with some great lamb. The Chicken Ramen is a crowd favourite at Guppy, but I personally find it bland for my palate. It has a soy based broth, soft chicken, ramen noodles, corn kernels and spinach, and a soft boiled egg. Someone who enjoys a subtle-flavoured hearty cup of ramen noodles is going to love this. One dish that a vegetarian or a mushroom lover is going to love in the mains is the Mushroom Toban Yaki. A semi-dry dish with mushrooms of various types alongwith veggies, in a coconut flavoured broth. Excellent flavours! Enjoy this with noodles or any kind of rice and you're going to eat till the last drop of that thick curry.

If you thought Guppy had done enough with the above, you've got to try the mind-blowing Warm Carrot Cake they're doing. Warm and gooey, with mascarpone cream, and the cutest little carrot sitting atop. Couldn't have had a better end to my meal.

I'd definitely go back for the soup and sushi, and of course the dessert. But what I would again go for before the winter menu stops is to try the Chicken and Bacon Casserole. Chef Vikram has prepared a delicious winter menu with so much finesse and flavour. 

Timings: 12 Noon to 3:30 PM, 7 PM to 12 Midnight
Contact: 01124690005
Address: 28, Main Market, Lodhi Colony, New Delhi

Disclaimer: The review was done on an invitation from the restaurant. All views expressed are unbiased in nature but readers are advised to exercise their own discretion.

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