20 January 2017

Potet, Delhi's First Fries-Only Place!

Delhi gets its first fries-only place! Potet, which means potato, opened at The Junction on Aurobindo Marg almost a month back, and the place has been all over the internet ever since! The Junction is soon going to house a lot of interesting stuff which includes a cafe, a pizzeria, and so on, and Potet is the first place to have started operations there.

The place is situated on the ground floor and has tables laid outside for people to sit and enjoy their fries at. A cute little place with the walls adorned with everything fries, they have an open kitchen that lets you see how your food is being made and gives you the utmost satisfaction of a clean kitchen. 

A menu that consists of fries from all across the world, in its true element. No, they haven't tweaked the fries to suit the Indian palate, they get you the real deal from their experiences in these countries and cities. Currently the menu consists of two non vegetarian options and the remaining are all veg. The American Chilli Cheese Chicken Fries are to die for!! Crsip golden fries lathered with an American chilli sauce, and some cheese to seal the deal. What gives them more flavour and a delightful spicy kick is the jalapenos. They also have a soya version of these fries. The other non vegetarian option is German Bratkartofflen which has bacon in it. I think you should be sold just by reading 'bacon' :P Bits of bacon topped with spring onions, mixed with fries and bacon fat. I'd recommend pairing this one with some dip which goes as per your palate (I'd go with a Sriracha or a Cheese Jalapeno).

Try the Japanese Teriyaki if you're a fan of Teriyaki in general. Superb in taste and all the fries are uniformly coated with the teriyaki sauce. A smoky flavour to it. The Mexicano Fries are again something that will be easily loved by all. Mexican salsa on top of the fries, I'd just leave it at that and you can run your imagination wild. A very flavourful, slightly spicy salsa, topped with mozzarella- what more do you need?

No, fries don't just end at savoury at Potet. They do a mean sweet variant of fries- Canadian Sweet Maple. The fries are coated in a maple syrup, with cinnamon powder on them. When they'd initially opened they did these fries with just these ingredients, but after a while they brought Christmas 12 months early to everyone. These sweet maple fries now come topped with whipped cream and fresh strawberries. Go get your hands on this before the season of strawberries bids us adieu, and along takes this mind-blowing variation in the fries!! No words do justice to how good these sweet fries taste. Can't wait to go back and try their other variants of fries!

Potet offers 5 kinds of dips at a price of 30 bucks each. All of them are really good but my favourites are Olive Mayo, Cheese Jalapeno and Sriracha. They do coffee and hot chocolate in the hot beverages and some soft beverages like Coke and Ginger Ale. 

The pricing is very nominal and the service is damn quick. Must must must try Potet! They do a lot of events too, like once they did a Beer+Fries evening, and another time a Beer, Sangria and Fries night. Too interesting! Go give it a try now!!

Timings: 12:30 PM to 10:30 PM
Contact: 9711946952
Address: The Junction, CSC Complex, Green Park Main Road, Hauz Khas, New Delhi

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