3 January 2017

The New Menu at Zambar, a Coastal Haven

Zambar in Ambience Mall Gurgaon, a destination famous for its Coastal South Indian food, has undergone a change in its menu with major new additions under the guidance of their new chef, Chef Vetrimurugan Natesan. Chef was with Zambar a few years back, and he then moved on to other places, only to come back to Zambar with added years of experience and skill up his sleeve. He has made several additions to the menu and a lot of changes, and you'll see that if you've been to Zambar before. If you haven't, then you're just anyway going to love the food here!

From poppadums and appalams, and 4 different kinds of chutneys (coconut, coriander coconut, peanut and a red chilli based), different powders like gunpowder and curryleaf powder, they set the tone right for the meal ahead of us. We were first served with a Country Style Chicken Soup with Egg Drop. Homemade chicken broth with fried onions and a lovely aroma of pepper and stock combined. Comfort soup and a delicious one at that!

Zambar is doing a plethora of appetizers in the new menu. There is something for everyone- fish, chicken, mutton and prawns. This is for a non vegetarian living in paradise, but they also have a fair share of vegetarian options. If you think a Coastal place does a mean seafood preparation, you should have Nadan Chicken Tikka (comes from the Goa region) to know how they also do this dish so good. For the sake of understanding, it comes close to a chicken tikka, because the Nadan spice and marination is spicy and full of masalas. Kingfish Reichadu deserves a special mention if you're a fish person. Soft juicy fish in all of its glory, made in a Goan preparation, and served with an equally kickass prawn salad tossed in veggies. Slightly charred on the edges, so so so full of flavour, this one's a must try!

While the Prawn Chilly Fry is a dish that will be loved by all because of the superb chilli slightly dry coating on the prawns, the Karukhe Marukhe Vendakki (ladyfinger) is a very attractive choice too. Being a vegetarian dish, people tend to discount its presence on the menu, but a person with a special place for ladyfingers in his heart should for sure give this masaledar crisp ladfinger preparation a try. 

They've tried a lot to give vegetarian options a makeover too, but haven't been able to succeed. The Vegetable Stuffed Poppadums are papads rolled and stuffed with vegetables, fried to make them crisp and served in a shot glass with dip. The concept is good, but the papad and the stuffing together making it extremely oily to eat. Potato Cafreal is a Goan dish, which resembles the aloo chaat we have without curd and chutneys. A good dish, but not anything exciting or with an appeal to it. 

Main course is a superb affair at Zambar! Curries and thick gravy dishes, full of flavour and aroma! The Kerala Chicken Stew paired with appams is like a dream! A must must order here! I'd say the same for the Goan Prawn Curry and Rice too. Comfort food that's for the soul. Aromatic like you can't even imagine, with juicy pieces of prawns- my my! Main course has another treat for the non vegetarians- Nellore Crab Masala. Get your hands dirty and get to the job quick! Break into the crabs and enjoy the thick outstanding masala which draws you towards it! Try the Idiappam String and other accompaniments that you only get in the southern part of India, and experience the kind of breads and rice that form their staple. 

The paradise wasn't over yet. Sampled some of the Achamma's Lamb Curry with crisp flaky Malabar Parantha, and even though the stomach was bursting with all the food eaten, I couldn't get my hands off this. Finished the main course with a supremely aromatic Moplah Chicken Biryani.

If you don't end your meal at Zambar with their Tender Coconut Icecream, you're missing out on something insane! A tender coconut flavour of icecream like no other! Real pieces of coconut pulp inside the icecream. The Coconut Jaggery Pudding is good too. And then seal the deal with a filter coffee.

Zambar has outdone themselves in the main course items, and barring the vegetarian options in appetizers, they have done a fantastic job at the starters too. Vegetarians should steer away from Zambar and let their non vegetarian friends come here by themselves. A hearty Coastal meal, the new chef and the new menu come as a pleasing breath of fresh air at Zambar. Get  your Coastal cravings satiated here!!

Timings: 12 Noon to 11:30 PM
Contact: 0124 4665639, 8130450438
Address: 3rd Floor, Ambience Mall Gurgaon

Disclaimer: The review was done on an invitation from the restaurant. All views expressed are unbiased in nature but readers are advised to exercise their own discretion.

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