2 February 2017

Asian Haus: Superb Pan Asian Home-Delivered

Asian Haus doesn't need an introduction. Anybody who loves Asian, Pan Asian and Chinese food would have tried food from here if they live in South Delhi. A delivery-only model, the food and packaging in no way is lesser than that of a fine dining restaurant. A menu that boasts of dimsums, salads, appetizers, gravies, noodles and rice, Bento boxes, Thai Curry boxes and what not, this is seriously a one-stop solution for your Pan Asian cravings. They now have two outlets in Delhi NCR- one in East of Kailasha and the latest one in DLF Phase 1, Gurgaon.

The Thai salads in the menu are too good to be true for a home delivery. Fresh, crunchy, aptly flavoured. But the dimsums are what take the cake away for me. Pick their Non Veg and Veg dimsum boxes if you want a lot of dimsums and a plethora of options to choose from. Each individual portion of dimsums has 5 pieces, and comes with various dips- chilli, black bean and soy based. The Pak Choy and Corn Dumpling and Spinach and Mushroom Crystal Dumpling are my favourites from the veg. If you want to go safe then go for the Orient Veg Dumpling- lots of flavour. Out of the non vegetarian ones, Chicken Scallion Dumpling, Prawn Har Gau and Chicken Prawn Sui Mai are simply divine! The technique with which the dimsums are made is perfect- translucent coating, not too thick, crunchy filling of veggies and juicy stuffing of meats, well balanced with flavours and look beautiful too. You can order tens of dumplings from here and have a feast of just that- they're that good. 

People adore the Lettuce Cups they do, but I particularly love the Sichuan Pepper Chicken and Haus Chilli Chicken here. A no-fuss order that they do perfectly! Juicy chicken tossed in a thick blend of sauces. In their mains they have every kind of flavour profile a customer would like- sweet, salty, sour and sweet, spicy, subtly-flavoured, intense flavours. You have options to choose from a delightful Thai Curry (which they do amazingly well), or go with Chinese and Pan Asian options. Their Baby Pok Choy with Shitake Mushrooms is a hit at my place. Thick gravy of Chinese sauces with shitake mushrooms and pakchoy- so so good in flavour, primarily salty. If you like to go basic, then do try their Hot Garlic Sauce and Black Pepper Sauce. You'll be in for no surprise but will get a delicious portion of comforting gravy based dishes. 

They do beautiful versions of Cantonese Chilli Fish and Kung Pao Chicken- order these without thinking twice and pair them up with noodles (my preferred combination). The Cantonese based thick grvay is slightly spicy but only a tinge. You can even have it as an appetizer if you want. If you're a Thai fan, you must order their Thai Red Curry which comes with a lot of veggies, has a good balance of consistency, and is pure comfort food. Some Fragrant Rice or Sticky Rice to go with it and you can sit in front of the tv, enjoying your food and being in a state of nirvana.  

If you need to choose only one noodles from their menu, take the Hawker Fried Garlic Noodles. You will be in for a big treat when you taste them and see how brilliantly made they are! Not too much garlic, no excessive oil, crunchy veggies tossed in them, and so so well flavoured with all the dressings. You can have these noodles by themselves too- don't even need a sauce. But if you can choose more then do go for the Pad Thai. And if you're a rice person then go for the Hawker Fried Rice.

I've never had desserts from here so can't comment on that. Asian Haus does beautiful packaging- neat and tightly packed. The food always comes with loads of disposable cutlery, wet tissues, chopsticks, and the likes, and you feel like you're dining at a restaurant with all these things to give company to your food. Their portions are really big, and the flavours and taste do complete justice to the price you pay. The delivery always comes within an hour and I've never had a bad experience with them. Do give them a try if you still haven't- you're going to love it!

Timings: 12 Noon to 1 AM
Contact: 9810043556

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