27 March 2017

Delhi has a gem of a place with Nariyal Cafe in Adchini

Located in the buzzing Adchini Market, Nariyal Café is a little hard to find because it isn’t on the main road, and there’s no board on the main road leading you to it. So just go and stand bang opposite the NCERT office, and enter through where you find a board for Waves. In the far end you will see a small board saying Nariyal Café- walk three floors up and you’ll see yourself in a beautiful setting of a restaurant, with boat rowers used in the ceiling for décor, sofa seating and tables lined up, white interiors with hints of blue to signify water, and waiters adorning uniforms completely in sync with the theme. Opened few weeks ago, Nariyal Café is yet to get their liquor license, but that in no way means you should postpone or delay your visit to this gem of a place!

26 March 2017

Breakfast Experience at Elan, The Lodhi

What comes to your mind when you think of five star and breakfast in one go? To me, the first vision I get is that of a lavish buffet spread. For me breakfasts have always been my favourite meal of the day, especially when I’m on a holiday. But the most common problem in a buffet is the quality of food and the freshness to be maintained. Elan at The Lodhi solves that for you, with its concept of unlimited dishes from the breakfast ala carte menu.

So this basically means that you choose whatever you feel like having from the menu, and you place your order for that. Your desired dish comes freshly prepared from the kitchen to your table. How do they give you the experience of a buffet but? By giving you unlimited portions of anything from the menu. Do repeat orders, make variant choices by ordering from the entire menu (but please don’t waste), and get all of it fresh on your table. It has all the plus points needed.

Tupperware comes out with its Time Savers Range

Tupperware recently introduced four new products as a part of its Time Savers Range. A company that has been synonymous for the Indian household with any kind of containers needed in the kitchen or in the everyday life for storage and carrying around, Tupperware has done brilliantly well for itself. People blindly trust their products now, and for them, Tupperware spells quality and durability.

13 March 2017

Dine With Royalty: Dine with royal families in luxury tents this October!

EatwithIndia, an initiative that was started to bring Indian regional food to people, give it its due importance, show people the various regional cuisines we have, is started by Sonal Saxena and Shantanu Mahanta. The focus on bringing authentic regional food to you but not in a restaurant space (like the food festivals we have taking place across hotels), and give a lot of importance to home chefs who carry the lineage forward of these rich cuisines and cultures, is what eatwithIndia is about. Under the umbrella of eatwithIndia, the founders bring to you 'Dine With Royalty', a three-day event taking place in October this year, where 20 royal families across India play host and bring to you their food, hospitality and culture.

Punjab Grill Tappa Dishing Out A Storm!

Opened in Cyber Hub a couple of months ago, Punjab Grill Tappa , as the name suggests, is by the team behind Punjab Grill. A place that's more energetic, more casual, has a more progressive kind of food in terms of the choices- healthier dishes with touches of fusion in them. The ambience along with the menu, music choices,  setting and the complete package, is aimed more at a chilled out time you spend at a restaurant. They also have great bottle deals on alcohol during evening hours for the office crowd to come and enjoy drinks (the bar is gorgeous!). Curated and executed by Chef Gurpreet Singh Gehdu, I would like to say this is one of my top 3 meals of 2017 till now, before I  get into the details.