26 March 2017

Breakfast Experience at Elan, The Lodhi

What comes to your mind when you think of five star and breakfast in one go? To me, the first vision I get is that of a lavish buffet spread. For me breakfasts have always been my favourite meal of the day, especially when I’m on a holiday. But the most common problem in a buffet is the quality of food and the freshness to be maintained. Elan at The Lodhi solves that for you, with its concept of unlimited dishes from the breakfast ala carte menu.

So this basically means that you choose whatever you feel like having from the menu, and you place your order for that. Your desired dish comes freshly prepared from the kitchen to your table. How do they give you the experience of a buffet but? By giving you unlimited portions of anything from the menu. Do repeat orders, make variant choices by ordering from the entire menu (but please don’t waste), and get all of it fresh on your table. It has all the plus points needed.

Elan has both an indoor and outdoor seating, and you can choose to enjoy breakfast any place you like. By any place I mean even in your room. That’s right, The Lodhi gives you an opportunity to dine in your room, AND have this unlimited breakfast at any time of the day. Any time. How cool is that? You have breakfast at 2am in the comfort of your room, and you get the freshest of food to feast upon!

The menu is exhausted with all cuisines and types of dishes, and their coffees, both hot and cold are very good. You have the basic English breakfast with cereals, bakery products, milkshakes, coffee, tea, etc., and you also have the freshly cut fruits, fresh juice and the likes. From a South Indian spread to a variety of eggs, Oriental dishes, porridge and aloo poori, to a plethora of options for the ones with a sweet tooth. Waffles and pancakes, both sweet and savoury, are there to end your meal with on a perfect note. Under each of these cuisines are a variety of dishes, and you’re just completely spoilt for choice.

If you’re dining at Elan itself, you get the bread basket with baked goodies on the table to share. Perfect with the Croissants and Danish Pastry, Muffins, chocolate filled croissant and Donuts. I then had an assortment of cut fruits and a glass of freshly squeezed Orange Juice for what was coming up next. Tried the Eggs Benedict and Idli to begin with. Beautiful eggs benedict, no complaints whatsoever! Perfectly cooked, soft bread, good hollondaise, runny yolk- ticks all the boxes. Came stacked with ham, and bacon and hash brown on the side. Lovely side portions too! 

The Idlis were soft and fluffy, and came with two chutneys, gunpowder and sambhar. Delicious fare! Tried Porridge too, which according to my mom was made perfectly and garnished well with almonds and pistachios, with a good consistency and flavour.

To end my meal then, I ordered for waffles that came with Nutella, maple syrup, whipped cream and mixed berry compote. I’d usually kill for Nutella on my waffles, but the combination of mixed berry compote and whipped cream was so divine, that I just couldn’t focus on the Nutella. The waffles were very good too, just could have been slightly crispier.

All in all, a superb place for breakfast. Order what you like and eat fresh, enjoy the calming ambience of Elan or the lush greens outdoors, and have a beautiful morning starting with this breakfast. 

Disclaimer: The review was done on an invitation from the restaurant. All views expressed are unbiased in nature but readers are advised to exercise their own discretion. 

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