13 March 2017

Dine With Royalty: Dine with royal families in luxury tents this October!

EatwithIndia, an initiative that was started to bring Indian regional food to people, give it its due importance, show people the various regional cuisines we have, is started by Sonal Saxena and Shantanu Mahanta. The focus on bringing authentic regional food to you but not in a restaurant space (like the food festivals we have taking place across hotels), and give a lot of importance to home chefs who carry the lineage forward of these rich cuisines and cultures, is what eatwithIndia is about. Under the umbrella of eatwithIndia, the founders bring to you 'Dine With Royalty', a three-day event taking place in October this year, where 20 royal families across India play host and bring to you their food, hospitality and culture.

These royal families will be playing host, and showcasing food from their district/region under this event. The event will be a sit-down dinner and lunch inside six royal luxury tents, and each tent will be made by some of the best art designers in India. Members of these royal families will be present themselves and will play host, reciting stories and sharing family history and culture, and traditions of their royal lineage, through the food they will serve. 

This is the first time ever that royal families will be coming together and serving their cuisines outside of their palaces, and will dine with people from all walks of life. Each tent will seat 35 people at one time, and the three-day event will have lunch and dinner, for which all seats will be pre-booked. Every lunch and dinner during these three days will be preceded by performances by local artistes from each region. This is one hell of an event, and an opportunity to witness food and culture in the best of its form, the most true form you can ever think of witnessing. It exhibits royalty and celebration, and I can only imagine how grand the event must be. Something very different from what we experience usually.

Preview Event:

The preview for Dine With Royalty was an event at the Belgium Embassy with a gorgeous backdrop and the open lawns lit up beautifully. A bar that was so well stacked with the best of the best liquor, a panel discussion on the royal cuisines of India, a mesmerising performance that kept the guests entertained throughout the evening by Nizami Brothers, and a lavish food spread by the royal families of Kangra and Rampur. Both the cuisines had separate counters for them, and the spread was truly lavish. Let lavish alone, but the dishes were something we don't get in Delhi that easily, and most of them I hadn't tasted before. Each dish from both the cuisines had its own distinct flavour- some subtle and fragrantic, some spicy, some full of spices, some delicate. Everything from the appetizers to the desserts was impeccable!

Rampuri cuisine was full of kebabs, galauti, Raan Kebabs, Murgh Musallam, Bater, Yakhni Pulao, Bakarkhani, kulcha, and what not. The thing that took the cake away in their desserts was however the Mirch Ka Halwa. Green chillies infused in the halwa, giving it a slight kick of spice on the throat, but crazy delicious! Kangra cuisine was pure vegetarian, and had some of the best tasting vegetarian fare ever! Pakode, tikkis and mathuni for appetizers, rajma, safed chana, aloo ki subji with dry mango peels for main course. The brilliant khatte aloo ki subji with gharia roti was out of this world!

The glimpse by these two cuisines of what's in store in October was truly fabulous, and the food made my heart melt with joy. Incredible stuff, I cannot wait for the bookings to open for October!

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