13 March 2017

Punjab Grill Tappa Dishing Out A Storm!

Opened in Cyber Hub a couple of months ago, Punjab Grill Tappa , as the name suggests, is by the team behind Punjab Grill. A place that's more energetic, more casual, has a more progressive kind of food in terms of the choices- healthier dishes with touches of fusion in them. The ambience along with the menu, music choices,  setting and the complete package, is aimed more at a chilled out time you spend at a restaurant. They also have great bottle deals on alcohol during evening hours for the office crowd to come and enjoy drinks (the bar is gorgeous!). Curated and executed by Chef Gurpreet Singh Gehdu, I would like to say this is one of my top 3 meals of 2017 till now, before I  get into the details.

They do a sensational complimentary papad which is layered with pickle and then topped with sev and coriander. I tried three starters here- Non-Dairy Green Herb Marinated Chicken Tikka, which was super juicy and succulent, cooked in olive oil (so it's healthy), and no use of cream or butter in it, hence the non-dairy. A must order here! The dish that really took the cake away from me was the Lime Rubbed Tawa Jumbo Prawns. The prawns were cooked perfectly- juicy yet keeping the texture intact and not turning it into a silken texture by overcooking them, and the marination with a very thin layer from the cooking was outstanding! Full of flavour! If you're looking for healthy vegetarian options and you love broccolo and mushroom, order a Broccoli and Button Mushrooms, Tandoor Grilled. The contents are charred very slightly, and are coated in a well-balanced dressing which is slightly sweet. Super healthy and tastes good as well. 

The main course is even better than the appetizers. Hands down if there's only one dish you have the place in your tummy for at Punjab Grill Tappa, it should be the Haleem Khao Suey. Comes with an entire platter with condiments, just like in a traditional khao suey, and you've got to mix them all together based on your taste. Great great fusion of khow suey into haleem and it tastes simply incredible!! Vinegar chillies, fried onions, onions, basil, pickle, lime and a smaller version of makhaane are all the condiments. In a bigger bowl is the haleem, and on the side with all other condiments is lamb which is so so flavourful. They do impeccable miniature-sized kulchas stuffed with paneer to go with the haleem, and I'd say the haleem tastes out of this world even by itself, without the kulchas. Cannot describe how mind-blowing this dish is. Must try!

The place isn't all about fusion food, they stay true to the roots keeping healthiness in mind. Tried Roast Aloo Masala and Classic Gobhi Matar Tehri, and even if you're a non vegetarian, I guarantee you're going to fall in love with the aloo!! Tossed in a yummy masaledar mix of spices, with some onions and coriander too, this dish is loveeee! I'm not as fond of gobhi, but the moment you lift the lid of this tehri, your surroundings get filled with a beautiful aroma. Tehri is a rice dish, a version of biryani, which has plain rice cooked and then mixed with a yellow colour, spices and mostly potatoes. What made tehri stand out and distinctive when it originated or even when it became popular was the lack of money for buying meat, so the meat was replaced with potatoes as potatoes were very cheap and available in abundance. Tehri is more delicate and fragrantic than a biryani, and Punjab Grill Tappa does a version of this with gobhi and matar, fried onions and basil leaves for sprinkle. Very very delicate, really good flavours. It's that kind of a rice dish that doesn't make you feel heavy at all, and you relish every bite with as much pleasure as a biryani gives you. Refreshingly great! 

The thing that deserves a special mention here, that stands on the first position for me, is their Rum-Soaked Raisin and Palak Chur Chur Naan. I cannot do justice by describing this for you, but just to give an idea, it's super flaky and soft on the inside, with an stunning filling of palak inside, and bits of raisins. It simply melts in the mouth, and the taste is divine to say the least. Two pieces come in one portion, and one piece itself is damn filling. You cannot leave the restaurant without trying this. They also do a very healthy and unique version of roti with 5 Grain Roti, consisting of bajra, jowar and all those healthy grains. This is extremely healthy, and lesser on the tastier side if you have it by itself without any subji, but the idea is to have it with a subji so your intake of roti is healthy and you don't indulge in maida-based naans and kulchas. 

They also do a mix of their own takes on cocktails, and the classics that we're well-acquainted with. Tried Birmingham Chachi which was a gin based cocktail made with Beefeater, cinnamon, lime, Martini Bianco with a garnish of coriander with its flavour coming out very nicely. 

My meal was sealed with Tappa Mess, a dessert with beetroot halwa and vanilla icecream, and some sago too I think, if I'm not wrong about sago. All this stacked in layers, one after the other, and the cool icecream with the hot beetroot halwa and a textural changewith the sago is just superb in taste! A very different take on a dessert by mixing these components together. Icecream and halwa is a classic household favourite for families across North India at least, but a beetroot halwa makes all the difference here, and of course, the layers of sago. 

The dishes are made with so much finesse, they taste just brilliant, the place looks lovely and the location makes it very favourable. The addition of healthy dishes on a menu is much needed by restaurants in Delhi, and they have these dishes done in a very cool manner, making them taste good as well. Cannot wait to go back here!! 

Contact: 0124 4948554, 8130594447
Timings: 12 Noon to 12 Midnight
Address: Ground Floor, DLF Cyber Hub, DLF Cyber City, Gurugram

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Disclaimer: The review was done on an invitation from the restaurant. All views expressed are unbiased in nature but readers are advised to exercise their own discretion. These are not the standard portions, but smaller. 

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