26 March 2017

Tupperware comes out with its Time Savers Range

Tupperware recently introduced four new products as a part of its Time Savers Range. A company that has been synonymous for the Indian household with any kind of containers needed in the kitchen or in the everyday life for storage and carrying around, Tupperware has done brilliantly well for itself. People blindly trust their products now, and for them, Tupperware spells quality and durability.

A few bloggers were recently invited to the Tupperware factory to check out their newly launched products, get demonstrations on how to use them, see the difference between the work done by these products as compared to the manual labour needed when you don’t use them, and it was a super fun afternoon! The plush green lawns of the Tupperware office were instantly welcoming, and the first product we were introduced to was the Juist. We were served some freshly squeezed juice using this Juist, before we headed inside for a full-fledged intro and demo with Chef Ayesha. The Juist can be used to squeeze out juice from (like muddling oranges), and can also be used for crushing hemispheres of orange and grinding them with your hands. The Juist can basically be used for fruits with a soft pulp, for leafy vegetables, for semi-hard vegetables like a cucumber. The best part about it- you can choose to retain the pulp of the juice, as well as strain it and enjoy without the pulp.

A demonstration of chipping vegetables with a knife and using Tupperware’s Ultimo Smart Chopper was a true revelation! A matter of seconds, and the veggies were chopped brilliantly! Plus, almost zilch human effort required. All you have to do to use the chopper is pull a string. Pull the string for as many times as you want your vegetables to be finely chopped. The more you pull, the finer the chopping is. This can also be used for meats without bones. 8 times pulling the string is 288 times cutting the vegetable with those three blades placed inside. Crazy, right? You’re decreasing the manual labour of your help or your family members (whoever cooks in the house) by manifolds!

For bakers, Tupperware is spelling magic. You whisk any product you want in the Speedy Chef (below), just with a few turns of the product, and you whisk your product like your hands can never be able to. It can be used for whisking eggs, mixing the batter, for making sour cream, dips, basically anything that needs mixing or whisking. And it’s only a couple of seconds’ job to get that perfect consistency. The eggs we whisked were whisked so well, that I put the bowl upside down and there wasn’t one drop falling- it was so frothy!

The major plus points about all these products is that they’re very light weight (so you can even take them along when you travel), they don’t need any electricity to function, they’re extremely easy to wash and clean, and very very easy to use. Because it’s Tupperware, we know the shelf life is excellent, so that’s covered too. The Juist is my favourite of the lot! I’ve had so many different kinds of juices using Juist that I’m in love with even the idea of juices now.

Shilpa Ajwani, the Managing Director of Tupperware India, and Chandan Deep Singh Dang, the Marketing Director, spoke to us about the brand and explained its ideology, and while they told us everything there is to know about Tupperware, we got to know how much this brand does for women. Tupperware is the reason a lot of women are economically empowered and are successfully running their homes through their incomes.  

Throughout our interaction with the Tupperware team, we were served delicious coffees and teas with some snacks, which was followed by a lovely lunch prepared by our gracious hosts. The fun activities and demonstrations were a great way of getting acquainted with the new range of products. Highly recommend people to get their hands on these

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