14 April 2017

Head to Nagaland's Kitchen NOW for a lovely Naga and Chinese meal!

Nagaland's Kitchen should be your one-stop solution for Nagaland and Chinese cuisine in Delhi. When you feel like having the former, this should be your first option. When you feel like having both, this should again be your first option. I understand if it isn’t your first option for only Chinese, but then again, they serve some delicious Chinese fare as well, so no reason why you wouldn’t want to choose Nagaland's Kitchen for those Chinese cravings. They also do a lavish spread of Thai cuisine, but I didn’t try that. Also, the restaurant is run by the same people as the Nagaland stall at Dilli Haat, INA.

Situated in the back lane of Green Park, right off the main Green Park road, the restaurant is tucked away in a quiet yet bustling lane. Quiet because of no noise pollution, and bustling because of the restaurants and shops there. As soon as you enter you get welcomed with interiors that scream bamboo sticks and a shack-like look, dimly lit and comfortably quiet, wooden tables and comfortable wooden cushioned chairs. It’s a pretty decent place to dine in at, and they haven’t gone over the top with the interiors- comforting I’d say.

Nagaland Kitchen has happy hours going on from 12-8PM, and most of the people who dine here enjoy their beer with the food. Groups of friends, couples, solo diners (yes!! :D), families, you’ll find all kinds of groups and diners here.

The drinks menu was surprisingly vast to me, and my friend and I went ahead and ordered two Margharitas (Lime and Cranberry) to beat the heat. If the vastness of the drinks menu wasn’t enough to surprise me, the drinks blew me away. Lovely flavours, potent, and so well-balanced!

They’re famous for their Naga cuisine, and that’s what the server suggested we go with as well. As I was here for a review, the server suggested we go with the chef’s choices in smaller quantities, and we happily agreed to that. But only after a special request to try the Pork Ribs that we had heard so much about at this place, and 3 pieces each of the Chicken and Pork Steamed Momos. We got a platter with Pork Ribs, Chicken with Dry Bamboo Shoot, Smoked Chicken Salad and Pork Chilli. The Pork Ribs were even better than what I expected- very juicy, very soft, a lot of fat in there, such a beautiful crust on them, and dipped in Raja Mircha sauce they tasted incredible!! Cholestrol shooting up in minutes, but so so worth it! The Smoked Chicken Salad was so refreshing and the chunks of chicken so soft in texture, with that gorgeous smoky flavour. This place sure knows how to get their smoking right in meats. Really liked the Pork Chilli too, but I’d like to leave out on the dry bamboo shoot chicken if I was to choose out of the four, solely because it was a little bland as compared to the other three appetizers when you’re enjoying them all together.

Tried all the dips available here. Raja Mircha, a chilli variant available in the northeastern part of India, known to blow people’s senses off with its level of spiciness, is served in three degrees here. But knowing how the people of Delhi can’t handle the real deal, even the spiciest variant at Nagaland’s Kitchen doesn’t come close to the actual impact of Raja Mircha. But that said, the spiciest one is quite spicy! If you can’t handle chilli, then go for the least spicy variant, but if you love spicy things, then of course the spiciest one should be your pick. The fish chutney is good, but a little bland. There’s a banana chutney which is quite nice! A potato chutney which is like potato masala that we stuff inside toasts and paranthas. A meat chutney which is basically chicken achaar- very very good! And a bamboo shoot chutney with a lovely flavour of bamboo shoot, if you like that.

The momos are easily one of the best Delhi has to offer- both pork and chicken. A thin coating on them, big and juicy, no tiny pieces of bones in your meat, and just mind-blowing in taste! Also tried Steamed Prawns wrapped in banana leaf, which were steamed and coated in nice citrus flavours. Both healthy and delicious. I searched the Chinese section for a honey based non veg dish, and went ahead with the Crispy Chilli Honey Lamb. I used to swear by crispy honey chicken at another restaurant in Delhi, but after trying their crispy honey chilli lamb, I can safely say they’re THE BEST. Beats every other restaurant doing this dish hands down! Pure honey used in the dish, not something synthetic that feels artificial. A gorgeous flavour of chilly, lamb cooked to get that incredible crispy texture in places (not too crispy, not too soft, but just right). Simply out of this world!

For main course we went with the Chinese fare- Chicken in Hot Garlic Sauce and Chicken Fried Rice. I have not a single flaw to be talked about for these two dishes. Pure delicious comfort Chinese food that speaks to your soul and satisfies you, forces you to overeat, and leaves you utterly happy.


Desserts were asked to be served in a smaller portion, as we were overstuffed by then. Had the most insane Date Pancake with vanilla icecream. Also tried the Darsaan, which was superb in taste too, but surprisingly for a Darsaan fan like myself, a Date Pancake floored me. Must must try!

Their servers are too too sweet, know the menu very well, and suggest you dishes just according to your spice preferences. The menu also has number of chillies to indicate how spicy a dish is.

Address: S-2, Uphaar Cinema Complex, Green Park Extension Market
Contact: 011 46088968, 011 26515058
Timings: 11:30AM to 11:30PM

Disclaimer: The review was done on an invitation from the restaurant. All views expressed are unbiased in nature but readers are advised to exercise their own discretion. Portion sizes are smaller than actual.

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