9 May 2017

The Shangtastic Dimsum Lunch at Shang Palace Cannot Be Missed!

Shang Palace, Shangri-La's Eros Hotel’s Chinese restaurant, is currently running a dimsum lunch food promotion called Shangtastic Dimsum Lunch. The lunch offers you unlimited dimsums of numerous varieties, followed by one portion of main course with a side and one scoop of ice cream. Before I get into the details and I tell you more about my experience, just know that you need to leave everything else and just run to Shang Palace for the Shangtastic Lunch NOW!

Chef Ye Hai Jun is the star behind this food promotion, and he deserves every praise possible for his stellar work! Plethora of dimsums, and so many kinds that you’re spoilt for choice. Steamed, pan fried, baked, fried, poached, baked buns, and believe me when I say this, I wish this dimsum lunch promotion wasn’t a promotion but a regular affair at Shang Palace.

I tried almost all the dimsums on the menu- a piece of each, but I made sure I tried every. The classic Prawn Har Gao was as great as you can imagine, the Steamed Chicken Shou Mai being very flavourful with a good amount of saltiness, the Steamed Pokchoy and Shitake Mushroom Dumpling with a beautiful delicate flavour of mushrooms, and the Spicy Edamame and pickled Mustard Leaves Dumpling a burst of flavours. 

Rangla Punjab Food Festival at Punjab Grill

Punjab Grill has come out with a month-long festival called Rangla Punjab, that’s on at all their outlets till the 15th of May. A festival like they’ve never done before, and I’m solely talking about the taste of the food and how different the dishes are. Different not in our tryst with them, but because of the roots of the dishes, how they have been replicated from there, how those dishes are hardly available in Delhi otherwise on the regular menus of restaurants. As the name suggests, Rangla Punjab tells you the story of the colourful state of Punjab through its food.

The menu ranges from starters to main course, and through till the desserts. And they also have thirst quenchers from the land of the five rivers and a variation of soup. There’s a decent variety in each of these heads, and I tried a couple of these based on the server’s recommendation. My friend tried the Kanji and said it was nice, but I moved straight to the appetizers. The Chargha Murgh and Mutton Champa were the two non vegetarian starters that were way better than what I imagined. Chargha Murgh had a thin crisp coating on it, and under the coating the chicken was layered with a thick masala. A very very flavourful chicken, with flavours and spices in each bite. Needed no chutney to accompany it- that good. The Mutton Champa was also a true delight. Very thin, beaten to get that texture of the mutton. It was like a semi-hard semi-soft kind of a dish that was breaking in pieces easily. A beautiful preparation, bang on in terms of the flavour!

5 May 2017

The Sensational New Menu at Honk, Pullman New Delhi Aerocity

Honk at the Pullman New Delhi Aerocity, has been a well-known Oriental restaurant in Delhi NCR since the time it opened. There have been no two ways about the fact that the food is great here, and I have heard from multiple people that the food here can give a run for its money to so many of the places we rave about for their Oriental fare in Delhi. They have recently come out with a new menu and I tried a couple of dishes from that.

I chose the Celebration Menu as per the chef’s recommendation. A set menu which consisted of soup, salad, dimsums, sushi, main course, accompaniments and desserts. So it was a full-fledged course wise meal and I didn’t have to rack my brains to decide what to order and what to spare. The menu has pre-decided choices for both vegetarians and nom vegetarians, and there’s nothing you have to do once you place your order. Just relax and wait for the food service to begin.

A Weekend Getaway to The Westin Sohna Resort and Spa

Situated about an hour away from Gurgaon and 2 hours away from Delhi, The Westin Sohna Resort and Spa is one of the earliest weekend getaway options Delhiites got acquainted with. The oldest and the most famous, Westin Sohna is the most preferred choice when you want to go to get yourself pampered somewhere close to Delhi, sitting in the lap of nature and rejuvenating yourself to the maximum.

About the property:

Westin defined in one word would be greenery. There is so much of open space, so much of fresh air, so much of green land and trees, flowers and gardens- it’s literally like you’re sitting in the lap of nature. As close to nature and pure fresh air as you can’t even imagine getting in Delhi. The property has 97 well-equipped villas designed to suit families, couples, friends and people of all kinds of age group. With several recreational activities and sports options like Basketball, Volleyball, Badminton, horse riding, cycling, it becomes a desirable option for people looking to relax and unwind with these. There is an animal farm with EMUs, rabbits, birds, ducks, guinea pigs, and so many animals! There are 8 EMUs that Westin Sohna has, and most of them are friendly and left loose, but as told to us, two are quite naughty and are mostly in their natural habitat where people aren’t allowed to go and play with them like they are with the others. They have a Buddha section too which has a huge statue of Buddha in grey.