5 May 2017

A Weekend Getaway to The Westin Sohna Resort and Spa

Situated about an hour away from Gurgaon and 2 hours away from Delhi, The Westin Sohna Resort and Spa is one of the earliest weekend getaway options Delhiites got acquainted with. The oldest and the most famous, Westin Sohna is the most preferred choice when you want to go to get yourself pampered somewhere close to Delhi, sitting in the lap of nature and rejuvenating yourself to the maximum.

About the property:

Westin defined in one word would be greenery. There is so much of open space, so much of fresh air, so much of green land and trees, flowers and gardens- it’s literally like you’re sitting in the lap of nature. As close to nature and pure fresh air as you can’t even imagine getting in Delhi. The property has 97 well-equipped villas designed to suit families, couples, friends and people of all kinds of age group. With several recreational activities and sports options like Basketball, Volleyball, Badminton, horse riding, cycling, it becomes a desirable option for people looking to relax and unwind with these. There is an animal farm with EMUs, rabbits, birds, ducks, guinea pigs, and so many animals! There are 8 EMUs that Westin Sohna has, and most of them are friendly and left loose, but as told to us, two are quite naughty and are mostly in their natural habitat where people aren’t allowed to go and play with them like they are with the others. They have a Buddha section too which has a huge statue of Buddha in grey.

There are two pools that this resort houses- one bigger and one smaller (also less deeper), mostly for the kids and people who don’t know how to swim. The area surrounding the bigger pool is simply gorgeous! You can see both the sunrise and the sunset from there, you can see a bridge that connects one part of the resort to the other, the restaurants in the far end, and the pool also has a bar next to it for people who’d like to enjoy a drink before or after their swim (or even while).

A yoga room, several spa rooms for both couples and individuals, called Heavenly Spa, a jacuzzi and sauna room, a meditation room, and a designated private area that houses all these relaxation sections. Even within this area you will lush green patches and trees- never a moment in Westin Sohna when you won’t be close to nature.

The cutest and the most adorable part about Westin Sohna that pleases people of all age groups is the swings that are hanging from a lot of trees there. Ropes with a slab of wood, made into rustic swings. It doesn’t stop at that. Every room has the facility for having a hammock put outside. Imagine yourself sitting on a hammock, the cool breeze in your face, the smell of damp mud, the chirping of birds. The same situation at night with friends and family turns into a completely different experience. You’re sipping on your drinks, playing music on speakers you get from home, friends and family sitting around on chairs and hammocks outside the room, someone on the floor, someone walking with a glass in his hand. It’s a resort that gives you the true essence of relaxation, enjoyment, nature and luxury.

The resort has its own lake that they acquired from the authorities a couple of years back, which is now called The Westin Lake. The entire greenery that surrounds the lake has to be maintained by the resort now. You can plan a romantic dinner by the lake with prior bookings and arrangements, you can go and enjoy the view of the lake for no cost at all, you can look at ducks playing on the grass, and you can just soak in the peace and quiet there if not anything else. The lake is a boon for the guests who come here looking for tranquility and get the beauty of the lake as a bonus.


Westin has rooms that they call villas, and justifiably so. The villas look like individual houses from outside, some with separate independent rooms and some with two villas, one above the other in the form of ground and first floor. There are several room categories here, ranging from villas of a smaller size to growing to bigger sized villas with a living room, with one and two bedrooms, suites, and so on going up to the presidential suite. I stayed in the category of room that had one room with a bath and living room.

My room had a beautiful living room with cute sofas, a chair and a table in front of it. The television of the room is set in such a way that without moving it from its place, you can just rotate the television in the direction you want it to be- so it can face your bed and your living room sofa. Being a big big tv fan, I was so impressed with this!

Bang opposite the living room is the bed room with a king-sized bed, cupboards that are stacked with extra pillows above it, lamps hanging from both sides of the bed and bedside tables. The cupboards have a lot of space and there are so many drawers in it.

But the best part of the room is the bathroom! The bathroom is as big as the bedroom, and for me much much much prettier. It is like no other bathroom I’ve seen in any other resort. With two sinks, a closed shower cubicle with glass around it, and a huge attractive-looking bathtub. Sit inside the bathtub and look up, only to see a gorgeous view of the sky and some leaves and branches. The bathroom has a transparent glass as a partial ceiling, and that is what gives the bathroom an edge like no other. I would of course also give it to the beautiful stone work, the two cute bathrobes, and the sheer size of the bathroom! You wouldn’t want to go to your bedroom, just spend all your time in the bathroom!! It’s so plush and attractive.


Westin Sohna has in-house 3 restaurants and an in-room dining kitchen. The multi-cuisine all day dining restaurant of the resort, called The Living Room, serves buffet meals for all times of the day- breakfast, lunch and dinner, and does ala carte as well. I’ve had the dinner buffet here a couple of years back and had the breakfast buffet here this time. There’s nothing much to write about for the breakfast buffet. They have South India, toasts, live eggs counter, live dosa counter, juices, fruits, Indian breakfast, cereals, milk and the likes, also some Chinese breakfast, but the food tastes just average to me.

I had the high tea at Mix-Lounge and Bar and my high tea comprised of savouries, sweets and Cold Coffee- a strong kind of coffee they did which was like a cold coffee but a different version of it. The server said it was the best here and it indeed was. Something like an Iced Latte for reference I’d say. Tried the Chicken Quesadillas which was really really good in taste! Made in a thin batter which was fried, with a beautiful stuffing of chicken and beans with veggies, came with a side of fresh salad and fries. Also had a couple of cookies and tea cakes for high tea which were pretty decent.

The other restaurant they have is a specialty Indian restaurant which I haven’t had the chance to try on either of my visits. Their Chinese restaurant, Xiao Chi, is where I had dinner this time. The food here was just as good as any of the fine Chinese places in Delhi NCR. A menu exhaustive with dimsums, appetizers, mains, accompaniments and desserts, everything I tried was made so well. Tried three types of dimsums- two chicken and one prawn, a portion of Crispy Honey Chicken and Veg Salt n Pepper. Excellent appetizers! Particularly loved the Prawn Har Gao and Crispy Honey Chicken. Main course was an equally delicious affaire with Chinese Greens, Chicken in a Hot Garlic gravy and Chicken Fried Rice. Overate to our hearts’ contents and followed main course with dessert. The dessert was the only weak point here, but the rest of the food completely made up for it. You can also get some nice cocktails along with your dinner here. Pretty good in taste and quite potent too!

Their in-room dining is really impressive! Ordered for a Non Veg Club Sandwich when I reached the resort in the evening. Came with potato wedges on the side, and the sandwich was to kill for! Perfectly done bread- crisp and golden brown, with the corners and edges cut. Fresh lettuce, fresh cucumber, chicken, bacon, egg and tomatoes. Oh my god! The wedges were equally great. One of the craziest Non Veg Club Sandwiches ever ordered in a hotel, and believe me when I say this, because a Non Veg Club Sandwich is a must order for me at every hotel stay.

A pasta in mixed sauce was ordered after midnight which came with bread rolls. Lacked a little bit of salt but was very saucy, just how I asked for it. The pasta cooked well, and tasted really good when I added oregano and chilli flakes to it. So all in all, a pretty impressive in-room dining kitchen they have!

If you want to go for a couple’s weekend, a family getaway, a good weekend or even for one night with friends, Westin is a supremely lucrative option. The greenery, the peace, the leisure, the fine service, the good food, the proficient staff, the excessively entertaining and relaxing activities, all of them make up for a very desirable destination to come unwind yourselves at. The different categories of rooms are an added reason why this resort suits all kinds of guests. At least one visit here is a must!

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Disclaimer: The review was done on an invitation from the hotel. All views expressed are unbiased in nature but readers are advised to exercise their own discretion. 

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