13 June 2017

Mamagoto's super impressive Hawker's menu!

Mamagoto has recently come out with a Hawker’s menu. The name is expressive enough to tell you what the menu will consist of and what the rationale behind keeping this name is- street food that you get across Thailand, which is essentially sold at hawker carts.

The menu has a few Korean dishes as well as dishes typically Oriental and closer to what the Indian palate is used to eating. They’ve gone a little experimental in this menu too, with options like Thai Betel Puchka and a Chicken Curry which is served with rice noodle nests. Looks so attractive on the menu!

I however didn’t try either of these dishes, but started with Surfer’s Lunch. The name tells you it’s something to do with seafood, and they’re being delightfully great by offering two options in this- crab and prawns. I went with the prawns and they were simply outstanding! Fried shrimps in a light thin batter, tossed in chilli and a little bit of tamarind, but I particularly loved the coconut cream. It was slightly sweet, like the flavour of a Thai curry, and was just right to balance the salt from the shrimp coating.

The Red Curry Ribs were another must order dish! The yummy skin on the outside, flavours infused till the very bone, a lovely mix of sweet and spicy rub, and meat that’s so so good and well cooked. Came with a dip, onion rings and a light red onion salad. To be honest with all of you, I didn't need anything after I had the first bite of those ribs. Everything was untouched but the ribs that were wiped clean!

Chicken Bibimpap(first picture on this post) is a complete comfort dish that is very high on the quantity, taste and soul factor. It’s a Korean dish that has various veggies, a protein, and rice put separately in a bowl, and you either mix it all together (like you’re supposed to), or alternate between different veggies in each bite (like I do). Carrots, mushrooms, minced chicken, spinach and zucchini, and the centre with sesame rice that’s slightly sticky. Mind=blown. You’re not supposed to use such writing when penning down in an essay/article, but that’s the best way of describing how I felt after this dish.

I tried 3 things off the Hawker’s menu and each was truly truly delicious. Mamagoto has been one of the most consistent places in Delhi NCR for Pan Asian food and their festival is no different. Must try it guys!

Festival end date: 31st July
Available at: all Mamagoto outlets

Disclaimer: The review was done on an invitation from the restaurant. All views expressed are unbiased in nature but readers are advised to exercise their own discretion.

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