24 July 2017

5 Best Places To Eat At In Bir, Himachal Pradesh

Bir is a place that hasn’t been even closely touched by tourism like its surrounding hill stations have. The place has a certain purity about it, a certain calm, that only comes from a place not being polluted or with excessive civilisation taken over. Because tourism isn’t the focus point of the people of Bir yet, the restaurant scene here is very uneven. Cafes will open at their own sweet time, shut when they want to, and a lot of times don’t even open if they don’t feel like. Hence, there were a lot of restaurants I saw during my 3 days of stay here, but most of them were shut.

I consciously stayed away from North Indian food in Bir, because that’s not the speciality, and North Indian is what we eat back home too. Having Tibetan food in Bir is how it should be, because the locals are mostly Tibetan and they, of course, do a fabulous job at the food they cook everyday.

I used to do all my dinners and breakfasts at my resort. You can read all about the resort here. So the only time I got the chance to eat out was either for lunch or evening. Tried a couple of places- listing them down below. In addition to these I tried a restaurant inside a monastery too, which was really bad, and I didn’t try Four Tables in Upper Bir because the place was shut all 3 days when I was there. I’ve heard great things about Four Tables from several people, so if you go to Bir, you should definitely give it a try. The trek to Upper Bir is beautiful! We got to know it was shut when we reached Upper Bir, but we loved loved loved the trek so we didn’t mind going there at all.

1. Garden Café

Hands down the best place to eat in Bir if you’re not looking for Tibetan food.

23 July 2017

A Supremely Delicious Breakfast Buffet at Tamra, Shangri-La's Eros Hotel

Shangri-la after its revamp almost three years ago has created quite a name for itself in the food and nightlife space. The hotel houses several restaurants, and each is doing brilliantly. They arguably have the best restaurants/clubs in Delhi for Indian, buffet, Chinese and nightlife/clubbing for me, while the other ones are bloody good too. The food is par excellence here, and the hotel keeps doing promotions and food festivals at their restaurants all round the year. Now imagine coming to a hotel for promotions so often and when you get a chance to go out at leisure with friends and spend your own money, you still choose the same hotel. That is where all their efforts and marketing, all their promotions and great food and service, comes into effect for a customer.

The Gorgeous Summer Menu at Olive Bar & Kitchen, Mehrauli

When I think of restaurants that have consistently brought out seasonal menus and done a fabulous job at them, Olive is one of them. Olive Qutub has come out with a new summer menu and synonyms of amazing are all that comes to my mind. Chef Dhruv Oberoi, the man behind leading the menu and kitchen operations now, has done a fantastic job at playing with such interesting ingredients and presenting such good flavours with them.

The new summer menu consists of all the courses and several dishes under each. I started my meal with a Green Gazpacho- a cold soup with cucumber gel and pickled cucumber, and crème fraiche sorbet crushed into pieces and sprinkled on top. The pickled cucumber was my favourite part about it! Tart and so well-balanced! Sprinkle some black pepper on the gazpacho and you’re all set.

5 July 2017

Hendrick's Gin Celebrates World Cucumber Day with ATM Bistro

When I look back at all the events attended in 2017 at the end of this year, particularly the ones that were about spirits, wines and alcohol in general, Hendrick’s is going to top the list (at least it is till now) . Hendrick's Gin and A Ta Maison in Sunder Nagar, or ATM Bistro as many would know, hosted an evening by Hendrick’s Gin on the occasion of World Cucumber Day on 14th June, and what Hendrick’s presented was pure magic. Pure simple magic.