23 July 2017

A Supremely Delicious Breakfast Buffet at Tamra, Shangri-La's Eros Hotel

Shangri-la after its revamp almost three years ago has created quite a name for itself in the food and nightlife space. The hotel houses several restaurants, and each is doing brilliantly. They arguably have the best restaurants/clubs in Delhi for Indian, buffet, Chinese and nightlife/clubbing for me, while the other ones are bloody good too. The food is par excellence here, and the hotel keeps doing promotions and food festivals at their restaurants all round the year. Now imagine coming to a hotel for promotions so often and when you get a chance to go out at leisure with friends and spend your own money, you still choose the same hotel. That is where all their efforts and marketing, all their promotions and great food and service, comes into effect for a customer.

It was my best friend’s birthday a couple of weeks back and when she said she wanted to go for a buffet breakfast, Tamra it was! The breakfast spread at Tamra is one of the widest spreads in Delhi NCR, with multiple live counters and a plethora of cuisines. The buffet has one section devoted to cereals, milk, shakes, fresh fruits, fresh juices and the likes. Another one has salads, vegetables, dressings, condiments, different kinds of cheese, flavoured yoghurt, nuts and dry fruits, etc. Had my fair share of nibbling on cheese in my plate while taking a tour of the buffet and deciding what to take first.

There’s one section for Chinese with soups and broths, noodles, meals in a bowl with veggies and proteins to choose from. This one is to cater to the guests from other countries staying in the hotel. Because we Indians, owing to our obsession with oily and heavy breakfasts, will hardly ever choose a healthy broth over poori aloo. Their Indian spread has pakode, kachori, sevaiyan, daliya khichdi, poha, dhokla, khandvi, poori bhaji and chhole, amongst other things. These are just the ones I had :P There were 3-4 kinds of pakode on that particular day- a Baingan Bhaaja, Aloo Pakode, Mix Palak Pakode and another one I can't remember, and I tried all. Beautiful way to start your day! :D Tried the Tomato Sevaiyan and Carrot Poha too, and quite a healthy take on these classic items! They even tasted amazing.

There’s a section for South Indian with live counters for dosa and uttapam, with idli and vada on buffet, and the same counter also makes stuffed paranthas. Got myself a masala dosa and a Gobhi Parantha and I was in love with both. A nice crisp dosa with masala inside it, delicious sambhar and equally good chutneys. A lot of buffets get their dosa right but mess up the sambhar. But the samhar here was really good with just the right consistency, and thankfully not watery. 

The parantha, thick with stuffing inside it, and not excessive dough, like 80% places do them in a buffet. Such a pleasant surprise this was for me. The stuffing was really good in taste too, not at all bland. Masaledar!

The buffet has a section for Continental fare with sausages, bacon, grilled chicken, quiche, baked beans, hash brown, grilled tomatoes, etc. Eggs are on order and come to the table. Had Eggs Benedict which were really good, the hash brown very crisp and not oily, just how you want them to be, and crisp bacon on the side. There’s no better breakfast in the world than this for me. 

The quiche was a soft little petite snack that I gobbled down within no time. Sausages and baked beans too making me happy on to their way into my stomach.

There’s a huge section for desserts with dry cakes, muffins, croissants, 10-12 kinds of icecreams, a live counter for waffles and pancakes, chocolate cakes, donuts, Danish pastries, etc. The best part about this dessert section is the inclusion of several healthy options. You can get fat-free waffles and pancakes here, served with honey and fresh fruits, dates, dry fruits and the likes, and no artificial sweeteners or cream to give you excessive calories in them. You also have options for multigrain muffins and dry cakes. In addition to this, there is low fat ice cream, sugarfree icecream and gelato too. This way you don't have to apply any self control on yourself and can happily indulge in these fat-free yet delicious desserts.

I tried both the healthy and the chocolate waffles. The first ones I tried around 9 30-10am, and the second one when the buffet was closing (around 10 45am), and I could see a stark difference between the two. The first batch was crispier and cooked properly (you can see it in the picture below), but the second one was soft and lacked any craze of a waffle in it. And this was because the chef at the waffle counter was single-handedly managing all the waffle and pancake orders, looking after re-stocking the muffins and donuts, catering to people asking for icecream, and had nobody to help him. And this at a time when the buffet was closing so everyone was rushing to the buffet counters. There should be more staff to assist here. 

The moment I sat down for breakfast I ordered for a Cold Coffee, and I can confidently say this is the best cold coffee I’ve had in Delhi till date. Truly terrific! Only milk, no icecream, less sugar, strong. Brilliant coffee! Ended my meal with a cappuccino and that too was beautiful.

Loved the buffet spread every bit and I think the price completely justifies the spread and quality. They’ve become the best place for breakfast buffet for me in Delhi!

Price for the buffet: Rs.1470
Timings: 7AM-11AM
Address: Shangri-la's Eros Hotel, Ashoka Road, New Delhi

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