23 August 2017

Domino's undergoes a revamp and we're in love with it!

Domino's is hands down the most convenient and most consistent pizza delivery chain. Having a Domino's outlet in the same colony as I stay has made my sister and I pure Domino's loyalists for reasons mentioned above, and because the pizza always reaches us piping hot. When a new side order is introduced in the menu, we're the first ones to try it. When the lady on the phone tells us 'Ma'am would you also like to try our new *bla bla* and add it to your order for only Rs.x, we tell her we've already tried it. So you get the point- we're Domino's loyalists. 

Domino's recently sent a text message saying they've launched new pizzas and it's an 'All New Domino's' now. And 2 days later I happened to try their pizzas. A girls night where my sister, my mom and I had lots of wine and ordered pizzas from Domino's!! That's when we tried the new pizzas- a Chicken Peri Peri and a Paneer Peri Peri!

So this All New Domino's is basically more variety of pizzas on the menu, and all pizzas are now made with a crispier and better crust, more cheese, and a better tomato sauce with more herbs in the base (making it more aromatic).

I will sincerely vouch for both the pizzas that I ate. The peri peri flavour really uplifts the pizza and gives it a new edge, definitely different from anything Domino's has kept in their menu before. I think it's going to replace Barbeque Chicken Pizza and become my favourite pick now. Mom loved her paneer pizza too, and because we can eat pizzas with any toppings (veg or non veg), we finished half of hers too. Loved both the pizzas, as usual. So no surprises there.

I particularly loved the new thicker golden crispier crust along the edges out of all the changes they've made. The crust is now just beautiful! More buttery and way crispier. 

Go order the new pizzas now!!

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