23 September 2017

Did you know about this super cool ice cream 'car' in Ashok Vihar?

Cross the road right opposite Kays Bar-Be-Que in Ashok Vihar Phase 1 and you’ll see a small car, pink in colour, parked on the side. The car will have lights inside it and the doors will be open. Sitting atop the car will be a huge muffin made of plastic, pink and blue in colour. One look at the car and you’ll get attracted to the colours and light, and will definitely stop to see what it is. That’s what I did- stopped to see what it was, and the rest is history gone down in indulging in icecreams like never before with the family. It's an icecream and sundae joint, only it's on wheels. The car is called Cream & Berry!

China Kitchen at Hyatt Regency completes a decade; offers 50% off on food!!

China Kitchen has stood the test of time and shone bright like no other restaurant has (or arguably so). It is Hyatt Regency Delhi's pride, if you were to ask me, alongwith La Piazza, and the food has made every diner happy and that too every single time. China Kitchen completed 10 years this August, and as a part of its celebrations, the restaurant is offering a flat 50% off on food and soft beverages every Tuesday-Thursday till the 30th of September. This promotion began on August 1st, and a 50% off deal for a period of two months at China Kitchen is a big big deal!

19 September 2017

5 reasons why you need to visit DLF Cyberhub for Dineout's ON.REPEAT

Dineout has been known to create fun crazy events, ones that also leave your pocket happy. The latest festival organised by Dineout is ON.REPEAT, a 16-day long festival to celebrate the food and drinks at Cyberhub- one of the most bustling places in Delhi NCR!

Here's why you should not miss it:

1. 1+1 on food and drinks

Multiple participating restaurants, great deals on both food and drinks, so lots of money being saved! Get 1+1 deals on food, and on your favourite liquor too. Brands like Absolut, Ballantine's, Jameson and so many more, are all on 1+1 for the duration of this festival!

Want to treat someone? Want to go out on a date? Want to go on a team outing? Or what the hell, want to just go out for food and drinks! Finish all of these things before 23rd September and save your money by dining at any of the participating restaurants in Cyberhub.

2. Additional discount on HSBC cards

If you have an HSBC Debit or Credit card, you're in for an even bigger treat. An additional 10% off if you use these cards, over and above the 1+1 deal.

3. Free Pepsi Black

In collaboration with Pepsi Black, Dineout is organising film screenings where every person attending the screening will get a complimentary Pepsi Black and chips. You also get free Pepsi cans at live performances happening here (see the point below).

4. Live performances

With all the food and drinks, there is also entertainment for people at DLF Cyberhub till 23rd September. A line-up of performances by stellars like Nizami Brothers and Parikrama, you can expect the kind of entertainment you will be getting then.

5.Dineout points

By booking tables using Dineout, you're earning yourself a great deal of points, which when get accumulated, are going to fetch you great deals and discounts on food and drinks.

Go make the most of Dineout's ON.REPEAT at DLF Cyberhub!

13 September 2017

What makes Dirty Apron so impeccable?

Piano Man and Dirty Apron have proven to be a game changer in the food and nightlife scene in Delhi. The Piano Man Jazz Club situated on the ground floor is a place where there are performances and gigs happening everyday, and Dirty Apron is the restaurant situated on the second floor that serves an elaborate menu of food and drinks. Both of these are owned by the same people, and the cocktail and food menu to quite an extent is also the same. The former is for a chilled out evening with gigs, the latter is for a chilled out meal with great food. Together they have educated the audience of Delhi with its phenomenal concoctions, a vibe and energy that the place lends with its gigs that other bars and restaurants should take inspiration from, and the fantastic food they serve which has some of the best flavours and ingredients used. They've brought jazz music to the forefront and brought music enthusiasts a very classy place to chill at.

6 September 2017

Breakfast Menu at Bread & More

Bread and More has been long known for its wide and delectable range of cakes, but a revamp of its outlet some years back also introduced me to its food side of things. A couple of days back I again went to Bread & More, and this time to try their breakfast range.

The breakfast here is available throughout the day, so you can go grab an omelette or a croissant even at 9PM. Went for a late breakfast and started off with a Ham n Cheese Sandwich with egg- something you must order here! I'd say leave the egg because it makes the sandwich moist and leaves the crispness out. The egg is actually on top of the bread, not inside it. Inside is layers of pork ham and cheese, and it's delectable and so filling. One person cannot finish it if he's eating something else too. 

2 September 2017

Get Your Fix Of Onam Sadhya At These 10 Places In Delhi

What is Onam?

Falling on the 4th of September (Monday) this year, Onam is the official state festival of Kerala which marks the beginning of their New Year. A festival celebrated by the Malayalis, you’ll find boat races taking place in Kerala on the occasion of Onam, tiger dances, martial arts, music and dance, and of course, food.

The most important part about Onam is the white and golden sari and dhoti that women and men wear, and the Sadhya that they have. My tryst with Onam Sadhya began long back, but the first time I actually learned the importance of this festival and other related things was in 2015 in Mumbai. My roommates were two very sweet Malayali girls who I still am extremely fond of. They dressed up pretty in their saris and went to college, and asked me to join them (or rather I made myself join them) for a sadhya meal in the afternoon. Had lunch with about 20 Malayali kids, all dressed up in the spirit of their festival, away from home, yet celebrating it together with food. The only non-Malayali amongst them, I was explained every single component on my banana leaf by Kajol and Alice. This blog post is also to tell them that this experience 2 years ago remains one of my fondest memories of Bombay and of life.

*picture taken from the web

So what exactly is a Sadhya?

It’s a lavish vegetarian Malayali meal served on a banana leaf. Sadhya is available all round the year at authentic Kerala restaurants across cities, but the sadhya served on Onam is more lavish and of course, special. A typical sadhya meal has about 20-30 dishes, though it varies and can go upto some 50 too. Different kinds of subjis, chutney, rice, papad, puri, rasam, chips, buttermilk and a banana are what a Sadhya consists of. Please note, you should have Sadhya only with your hands. Keep cutlery far far away from where Sadhya is being served.

Here are all the places serving Sadhya this Onam in Delhi. Some of them are even delivering the sadhya meal, which you will have to check with the restaurant directly.