6 September 2017

Breakfast Menu at Bread & More

Bread and More has been long known for its wide and delectable range of cakes, but a revamp of its outlet some years back also introduced me to its food side of things. A couple of days back I again went to Bread & More, and this time to try their breakfast range.

The breakfast here is available throughout the day, so you can go grab an omelette or a croissant even at 9PM. Went for a late breakfast and started off with a Ham n Cheese Sandwich with egg- something you must order here! I'd say leave the egg because it makes the sandwich moist and leaves the crispness out. The egg is actually on top of the bread, not inside it. Inside is layers of pork ham and cheese, and it's delectable and so filling. One person cannot finish it if he's eating something else too. 

The puff pastry and a Mushroom Tart, both are really good in taste. A flaky buttery stuffed puff pastry and a creamy mushroom tart enveloped in egg- classic Bread & More offerings they never go wrong with.

Their Strawberry Banana Smoothie was good but nothing insane. The smoothie was dominantly tasting of banana more than the strawberry, but was good. The Chocolate Oreo Shake came in a very thin consistency. If the consistency could still be done with (which it couldn't), the temperature at which the shake was served disappointed me. Sent it back to get it blended with ice which made it better. The shake also could have done with more oreo inside it. The thin consistency was because of not enough oreos crushed in it.


A grilled Capsicum and Corn Sandwich with paneer is a good option too. Comes with red cabbage coleslaw, salsa and mustard. Crisp and delicious with a nice filling inside. 

The most disappointing thing I tried was the Eggs Benedict. The yolk didn't flow like it should, and the hollondaise was too acidic and lemony. Won't order it again.

After so many breakfast options, we ordered a Pasta in a spicy arrabiatta sauce from the usual menu, and I'm so glad I made that call. A thick tomato sauce, spicy and full of herbs, aromatic and so delicious. Tossed in pasta that kept the sauce stuck to it and I didn't have to struggle with getting the sauce in each bite.

The cappuccino had at the end was really good- frothy and steaming goodness.

My experience at Bread & More was a mixed one- some dishes were good and some not so good, but I'd definitely go there again because of the close proximity to my house, the quality of their food, and a few dishes that I really liked.

Note: This breakfast menu is available at all outlets of Bread & More.

Disclaimer: The review was done on an invitation from the restaurant. All views expressed are unbiased in nature but readers are advised to exercise their own discretion.

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